Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint: Lychee

A nail paint which promises to provide an extra glossy finish in just one coat and likens it's self to gel nails has a lot to live up to. Thankfully I've had quite a good experience with the Hi-Shine polish in Lychee. It's a gorgeous beige-neutral colour that leaves your nails looking clean and 'polished'. I think this is the perfect colour for in the office as it's not garish but it still couldn't be described as boring.

Even with a light colour like Lychee the nail paint was a thick and glossy enough consistency to cover my nails in one coat and quite rightly could be described as looking glossy. I think the nail paint suits the name gelly rather than hi-shine as I don't find the lasting effects to be super shiny.

Overall this is a lovely, long lasting polish which doesn't chip easily and is good to go with only one coat. It dries quickly and has a nice coverage. Not bad at £3.99!
Don't expect a polish that's as hard and lasts as long as gel though - you've got the wrong product!

Which of the other colours would you recommend?


  1. Its a lovely shade! Might have to add this to the collection >.<

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  2. this is such a nice nude, your nails are so long ahh! i love prickly pear - it's a pastel lilac, sooo pretty! love your blog, followed :)