Make Believe Little White Lie Tanning Lotion Review

After getting a tan in December from my holiday to Egypt I was determined to avoid the fake tan but the months have flown past and I'm back looking a bit ghostly. I didn't want a dark tan, I just wanted my glow back so gave Make Believe's Tanning Lotion* a go.

This tan's actually from a website I've used loads of times for Kinect games, electrical products and even some fashion items but I had no idea just how much beauty products they stock. Their range of fake tan brands alone is quite amazing.

This tanning lotion is the darker version with added bronzer along with argan oil and instant colour. I think all of these contribute to how well I got on with the product. My favourite bronzers are always the ones with instant colour - for two reasons - I'm impatient and don't plan my tanning well in advance so often need near instant results and I'm a bit haphazard when it comes to application. The instand colour with added Argan Oil meant I was able to apply the fake tan without having to worry about time to develop and it kept me moisturised instead of drying my already dry skin out.

The lotion comes out quite dark but blends in so easily, it doesn't leave you panicking like some other darker tans (I'm talking about you Rimmel Sun Shimmer). As for the standard fake tan bicuity smell, I'm happy to say it wasn't that bad. The lotion smelt a bit like my hair oils which is definitely because of the added argan oil and is overall quite pleasant.

I was really impressed with both this brand and lotion. I'm glad it was the darker lotion that I was sent and wonder whether the lighter lotion leaves much of a colour at all. It definitely gave me the glow I was looking for and didn't stain my bed sheets!

Have you ever used for beauty products?
How do you rate Little White Lie tan?

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