Herbalife Radiant C Facial Scrub Cleanser Review

Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser
£17.65 (150ml)*

Along with moisturiser I rely on exfoliating cleansers to keep my dry skin at bay but with sensitive skin I have to be careful what products I try. ImmediatePR were kind enough to send me the Herbalife Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser. I was totally up for trying it out after I read that this "daily facial cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types." It also claimed to "polish and scrub skin clean for a picture perfect complexion." After the stress of dissertation a picture perfect complexion was something I was desperate to have back. 

I was really impressed by the scent and the texture of the scrub. You only need to open the lid to notice the orange scent. The citrusy scent is even more lovely on the skin and really helps to wake up and refresh your skin. The scrub is quite thick and gel-like which I really like and made a little go a long way. I also really liked that the exfoliating element was beady rather than grainy.

I avoid using it daily to stop it drying my skin it but I think it'd be a great daily scrub for people with oily skin and works great as weekly exfoliator for my dry skin. I love the scent and the fresh feeling my skin has after using it. I'm not sure if I've quite achieved a picture perfect complexion yet but it's not caused any problems!

Have you tried any skincare products from Herbalife?
What's your favourite scent for skincare?


  1. This looks similar to the boots sanctury face scrub, and I love it. I use it most days although I really shouldn't but my face tends to break out in spots if I don't control it.


  2. I've never tried any of their products.
    Look so nice. Might have to treat myself x

  3. This looks great, definitely going to have a look for this. Never heard of the brand before. I've been using the st.ives green tea scrub, it smells lovely.

  4. It looks really good, I quite like Herbalife products.