Free Benefit They're Real Mascara

You've probably heard loads about Benefit's They're Real Mascara which promises to give your lashes enough length and volume, lift and curl to make them look fake. If you're like me you might not have had the chance to try out this 'miracle mascara' because of the big price tag of £9.50 for only 4g. Now's your chance to try it out for free (or the price of Elle magazine).
Even if you don't want the magazine, even though it's proving to be a good read this Friday afternoon, it's worth it to save £5.50 on this popular mascara.

On Sale Now!

Are you a They're Real fan or newbie?
Have you got yours yet?


  1. I adore They're Real! I'll definitely be grabbing a copy of Elle! Hopefully they wont be sold out:O xxx

    1. It's only been on sale for a few days so hopefully you can get your hands on one :) xx