Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Dupe

I bought this Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover style product from Bodycare for 3 reasons:


Last summer the magic nail varnish remover in a pot was all over the place but I refused to pay £4.99 for something that I could get for a lot cheaper. When I spotted the Twist and Out in Bodycare for 99p I snapped it up. I didn't have any nail varnish remover in Edinburgh and this saved me having to buy a huge bottle and cotton pads to go with it. It also gave me a chance to see if this style of removing nail varnish really was all that amazing.
In case you don't know you're meant to be able to put your finger inside the sponge which is soaked with nail varnish remover, give it a twist and your nail varnish should be gone.
It's a cool concept which is quite convenient for on the go and works a lot lot quicker than using multiple cotton pads. It even managed to impress me when taking glitter polish off. 
So quite rightly so, this product is advertised as being Quick, Compact and No Fuss, but thankfully you could add Cheap onto that list too.
My only bug bear about this product is that it seems to leak if it's not kept up right. This is probably down to the quality of the container and the lid. There's actually quite a lot of nail varnish remover inside the sponge and pot so I have to make sure this doesn't fall onto it's side or else it can ruin surfaces.

Have you tried any Magic Nail Polish remover dupes or do you think the real deal is worth the money?


  1. I wish they had this in Canada! :(
    I really want to try it!

  2. III lovee This kind of nail polish remover!
    It is so easy and you dont need to look for a cotton
    ball and make a huge mess pouring it out onto
    the cotton ball. my favorite kind!!!
    easy and no mess.