April Favourites

Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover
An alternative to the Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover which has proven to be just as magic. I've got full details of where to buy this and just how well it works coming up soon. Overall though, this has been the cause of ever changing nail colours this past month.

I've reviewed this before here and mentioned that it's a lighter alternative to the Moroccanoil treatment. I've used this almost every day to keep my hair healthy and flyaways at bay.

My skin went crazy around the time of dissertation writing. It could have been the result of stress, diet or the skincare that I'd been using but it was a nightmare. It was so dry that I any foundation I put on instantly sunk into my skin and left me with horrible flakey patches. I repurchased this moisturiser because I knew it worked (another product which has been reviewed on Jennasuth.com) and it didn't let me down in April!

This was newer purchase that I'd put off because of the price but my skin nightmare caused me to take the plunge and go for it. I liked it at first then seemed to fall out with it as it seemed to stop working but by the 3rd week of the month it was working it's magic.

Though I didn't need volumious, long and curly lashes to sit in the library most days I couldn't stop myself from wearing this mascara. Super impressed with the results and a review will be up soon.

Palmer's is a brand I trust and this lip balm with vitamin E kept my lips hydrated and soft and the balm smelt lovely too.

Though I think this perfume is more of a wintery scent as it's quite heavy the weather wasn't acting like Spring so I wasn't smelling like spring either. This is a gorgeous perfume which is complimented over and over.

Have any of these products appeared in your monthly favourites?
What's been your favourite products for April? 


  1. This Lady Gaga always amazes me because of its colour.

  2. i love the rocket mascara one of my faves!

    found you through the blog hop :) xx