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Bourjois Elastic Mascara Review

Claims to make lashes 130% longer?! This is a very strong claim which would be be difficult to achieve and the photos show, were indeed unachievable with my lashes.

No Mascara.

One coat of Bourjois Elastic.

Two coats of Bourjois Elastic.

Three Coats of Bourjois Elastic.

By the third coat my eyelashes look clumpy and look as though they might break in half - not a good look. You can also see the mess the mascara has made around my eye by smudging and transferring onto my skin.

For the price I think there is much better mascaras out there so I wouldn't recommend this unless the messy, clumpy look is your thing... sorry!

Are you a Bourjois Elastic Mascara fan? Which mascara would you recommend for amazing lashes?

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