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Kodak Catch-up #3

Still scoffing cakes I got from the pupils, One of 24 tearjerking pictures, The countdown is on, Dissertation is on, Twitter prize: M&Ds wristband, Free MaltEaster Bunny from Tesco.

Frankie and Bennys for Dinner, Science Festival at Ocean Terminal, My yummy Easter egg, Attempting to become a millionaire... and failing, Free Viva La Juicy perfume thanks to my Vivabox at Christmas, Meal planning for the week - so grown up!


It's time for the return of  Money Supermarket's Passion for Fashion competition. Last year the challenge was to create 5 Autumn/Winter outfits and this year Passion for Fashion is back and the challenge is all things Spring/Summer. All you have to do to enter is to create three outfits,  a casual outfit, a party outfit and a beach outfit, with a budget of £200 for each. The prize for each category is £200 to win the outfit you put together, and the main prize is an amazing £1000! I'm nearly finished my spending ban and I can't wait to hit the shops to update my wardrobe so what better way to catch up with the high streets latest items than to put together some bargain outfits?

Jeans £24.99, Peplum Top £12.99, Pumps £15.99, Bag £32, Necklace  £7.40, Bow Earrings £2.40

As soon as I seen casual as one of the outfit categories I instantly thought lunch with the girls. One of the best ways to catch up during the spring, especially if the sun manages to shine, is with some tea and cake at a cute little cafe. 
Every year the shops fill with pastel colours and it helps brighten my mood and feel super girly again. Pinks obviously my favourite colour and I love how well the New Look pumps go with the Miss Selffridge bag and Forever 21 earrings. I'll definitely still be rocking rocking the peplum shaped tops as their just so flattering and go perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans. I added in the gorgeous statement necklace to add an extra bit of edgy detail.

Shorts £60, Bralet £22.99, Eyelashes £5.06, Blazer £45 ,Clutch £7.99, Heels £19.99, Necklace £7.50, Ring £8, Bracelet £12.50, Earrings £6.50

Another girly outfit with pastel colours, put together with some edgy staple leather-style shorts and a lace bralet. Again I've gone for nude pink shoes and bag, they're both such 'Jenna' pieces and look great with any outfit. I love the mint coloured blazer from Dorothy Perkins - it adds colour and keeps you warm on your way home after a few too many rosés - definitely something that will be purchased once my spending ban is up! I've gone for 3 different jewellery pieces which all combine the girly/edgy trend. The spiked, triangle shape appears in the bracelet, earrings and necklace but the sparkles, pink stones and dainty chain keep them all suitably girly for me. My party outfits are never complete without a set of fake eyelashes  and eylure ones are my absolute favourite!

Bikini Top £15.99, Bikini Bottoms £13.99, Hat £20, Bag £16.75, Sandals £19.75, Shorts £16.75, Playsuit £25.99, Sunglasses £16

This was the easiest outfit to put together. I used a picture I took in Egypt in December as my background and had thoughts of my upcoming holiday to Tunisia in my head the whole time. New Look has absolutely stunning bikinis in just now at such an affordable price for the set so it was the first place I looked. I love the look of a statement bikini, with bright colours to show off a tan, with a simple coverup. I think the playsuit from Missguided is perfect for wearing to the beach and covering up at the end of the day when you hit the bar for a few cocktails before dinner. The hat, sandals and bag are all beach essentials and the glasses add a tough of glamour whilst protecting you from the sun.

Which outfit do you think screams 'Jenna' the most? Spring Summer is definitely my season!
Have you entered this years Passion For Fashion competition?
Leave your link if you have? Don't forget to check out the #Passionforfashion2 hashtag on twitter to check out the other entries or have a look on the Money Supermarket pinterest to see all the pictures

Kodak Catch-Up #2

Creating a wishlist from H&M, End of placement pressies for the children, Photoshoot sneak peak, From this... to this in a few hours, Transcription hell.

An Eastery treat, I cannot wait until my spending ban is up, Farewell Circus classroom, My suitcase and handbag all ready to go, An expensive single journey, Nandos cheesecake!

100 Day Spending Ban Wishlist 4

I'm over half way, Woohoo! It's been almost easy and I've reached 80days today. I'm starting to get a bit bored now though. On the beauty products side I'm doing well. I'm getting through products that have lay untouched for months. But I'm started to want something new in my wardrobe. Because I'm almost finished my final placement so I'm starting to think about becoming a teacher, and with that the teacher-y wardrobe that's needed. That will explain the smart/casual dress theme that's going on in this wishlist, oh and the bikini is for the sunshine that I'm dying to see!

1. 2. 34. 56.

10 Beauty Products Under £10

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Kodak Catch-Up #1

Ready for a Monday morning, Mother's Day craft for the children, Present for passing placement, Green tea in my favourite mug, A huge box of Very competition prizes, Some clothes from

Maxi dress from, Getting ready for a photoshoot, Amazing ice cream from John O'Groats, Loads of snow overnight, My attempt at a healthy snack, Packing for a month in Edinburgh

Zinio Digital Magazine Subscriptions and Giveaway

The thing about magazines is you never seem to have one with you when you've got the chance to read one. It's always when I'm on the train through to Glasgow or I'm on the bus to uni that I find myself looking to pass the time with a bit of celeb gossip or the latest fashion trends. With a digital magazines you never find yourself in that situation again.
Zinio is a digital newsstand giving you access to thousands of top magazines available instantly on your computer, ipad or phone.

If you can be quick you can get up to 50% off subscriptions, only available until the 19th of March!!

But the good news (especially for those still stuck with a few weeks left to go on their spending ban) is I've got 9 digital subscriptions up for grabs*.
If you fancy getting the latest copy of your favourite magazine straight to your zinio reader app then enter the rafflecopter below.

Good Luck

Bourjois Elastic Mascara Review

Claims to make lashes 130% longer?! This is a very strong claim which would be be difficult to achieve and the photos show, were indeed unachievable with my lashes.

No Mascara.

One coat of Bourjois Elastic.

Two coats of Bourjois Elastic.

Three Coats of Bourjois Elastic.

By the third coat my eyelashes look clumpy and look as though they might break in half - not a good look. You can also see the mess the mascara has made around my eye by smudging and transferring onto my skin.

For the price I think there is much better mascaras out there so I wouldn't recommend this unless the messy, clumpy look is your thing... sorry!

Are you a Bourjois Elastic Mascara fan? Which mascara would you recommend for amazing lashes?

Style Crush: Ashley Tisdale

Are you an Ashley Tisdale fashion fan?
Which outfit is your favourite?

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes Review

I know face wipes aren't the best thing to use take makeup off but sometimes at the end of a long day there's nothing more convenient. 
Some makeup wipes don't do a good job of removing every last bit of makeup whilst others feel like an acid peel. Thankfully the Kleenex Cleansing Wipes seem to be the best of both worlds. They are thick, high quality wipes which are gentle on the skin so totally perfect for sensitive skin. The only thing about the thickness is that the wipe doesn't glide across your face, so don't forget to be gentle! 

I wish the packet had a better 'lid' rather than just a sticker. If you don't get the sticker back on you risk your wipes drying out. Thankfully that's not happened to me... yet anyway. The wipes are quite moist so don't seem to dry out as quick as most.

These thick makeup wipes are well worth the £2.99 price tag for a quick and easy way of taking off your makeup but still being gentle and leaving your skin soft 

Have you tried any of the Kleenex skincare range?

February Empties

The shampoo form this set appeared in my January empties but the conditioner took me a bit longer to use because I like to use my Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. This was a supermarket offer purchase which I thought I'd like because I really enjoy using the L'oreal Elvive that's in a pink bottle.

Would I repurchase? No. I really disliked using it. It seemed to do nothing for my hair and I'd walk out of the shower with my hair in knots feeling like it had lots any moisture it had.

This bottle has been in my hair product drawer for nearly 2 years! It was a product that I bought when it first came out, used loads then let it fall to the back and totally forget about. So when I found it it only had a few sprays left.

Would I repurchase? I've already got another bottle to use up that I bought when this was on 3 for 2. I'd recommend it to people with really curly hair but if your hair is naturally straight-ish there's no point.

Last winter my skin was so dehydrated that none of the moisturisers that I had helped. I went a look around Boots hoping to find something within my student budget. Simple is a brand I trust and has really affordable products, so I gave this moisturiser a go.

Would I repurchase? Definitely. It was such a nice moisturiser to use and wasn't expensive at all.

Lacoste Touch of Pink Shower Gel
Another product that has resurfaced as a result of my spending ban. I always forget about the body lotion or shower gel that comes with perfume in gift sets. I think I probably got this at least 4 years ago! I'm still a fan of the Touch of Pink scent.

Would I repurchase? I don't think you even can! This sort of thing only comes in gift sets.
I've not done as well this month at using up my perfumes but this one was easy to finish. I left it in my perfume collection with barely any left. I'd had it for a few years after getting it as a present at Christmas.

Would I repurchase? I think my tastes have changed as I've grown up so I wouldn't repurchase it for myself but I wouldn't hesitate to buy it as a gift for my teenage cousin.

This isn't my first bottle of this foundation. I think Rimmel does the best 'drugstore' foundations and this one is the best medium coverage, daily foundation which is light enough for my skin.

Would I repurchase? Definitely, though thankfully for my 100day spending ban I don't need to. I've got 2 bottles already that were bought when it was on offer!!
I'm pretty sure I bought the box of these nose strips after seeing them in Superdrug and thinking of the scene in The Princess Diaries. I finally used up the last one last weekend when I was giving myself a facial. I'd had it so long I think it might have been past it's best.

Would I repurchase? Probably, they were quite good. I wouldn't mind trying out a different brand though.
I wasn't sure whether to include this but I actually finished 2 of these bottles the other day. I seemed to have been chopping and changing from the 2, although they were both the same brand and were bought at the same time (Thank you buy one get one free)

Would I repurchase? Yes, it's a good deodorant and smells nice. Though white protection is a bit questionable!

Did you manage to finish a lot of products last month?