TIGI Foxy Curls Review

 My hair air dries quite straight but if I sleep on it whilst it's still damp I wake up with quite nice natural waves and curls. These tend not to have too much definition and need a wee bit of taming.

I got Foxy Curls* from Hairtrade.com where it only costs £6.96 instead of the £11.50 RRP.
Hairtrade has a huge range of hair and beauty products for a lot cheaper than on the High Street or in other online retailers.
The Hi-Def Curl Spray is designed to help achieve defined, frizz free, separated curls. This was exactly what I was after. It's also designed to be used on damp or dry hair. This meant I could wait and see how my hair turned out before adding product in the morning.

For the sake of the review I tried both - spritzing my hair straight after a shower and waiting until the morning and spray my unruly waves.
Both work well, but I found it a lot easier to avoid spraying too much if I did it in the morning. The spray can make your hair feel a bit sticky and crispy. This is all part of the frizz-taming and defining but just be careful not to get a bit spray-happy to avoid this. 

Overall this spray smells lovely, holds well and eliminates the dreaded frizz.
I'd definitely recommend it if you've got super curly hair or even hair that's wavy.

If you're hair doesn't curl naturally then it's probably worth avoiding as it can't perform miracles!

Have you tried any of the TIGI Foxy Curls range?
What's your favourite TIGI product?


  1. Doesn't sound bad, I think I may actually try it.
    Adela x


    1. It's got such a lovely scent, I totally love using it now x

  2. This sounds really good, my hair is naturally curly but dries frizzy!

    Sita xx

    1. This should work well for you then Sita, will add definition and tame the frizz xx