John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

When I think of John Creed Jewellery the first thing I think of is their amazing selection of Pandora goodies. After getting a Pandora bracelet for my birthday I've totally fallen in love with their charms. They're perfect to bring back memories.
Hutchy and I have been together for 5 years this March and have some amazing memories together. What better way to symbolise these memories than with a Pandora Charm for each year.

The first charm I chose is the Love You cube charm. This gorgeous charm would remind me of the first time we met up to the day he first asked me out, when he let slip to all my friends before me. The photo is the first one we had together and the one I put in his 18th birthday frame.

The second charm is the Text Book. This symbolises the fact that we've been together since High School and nearly all the way through uni. As well as that he's been there for me through my 4 placements to become a teacher - which haven't always been the easiest! The picture is of us outside my Leavers Lunch Party at the end of 6th year.

The next charm is a Big Ben obviously to remind me of our trip to London together. We had such a lovely weekend and it wasn't long until we spoke about returning to the city. This is one of my favourite pictures of us together with Big Ben in the background. This is actually my laptop background.

The next Suitcase charm symbolises our most recent holiday to Egypt. This was my 21st birthday present and was the most amazing week I've ever had. The photo is one of us in the desert at sunset.

The last charm I chose is perfect to remind me of our first holiday together. We went to Disneyland Paris and couldn't visit the most romantic city without visiting the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky enough to see the Eiffel Tower at midnight when it sparkles. What better way to remember it than with a lovely charm dangling at my wrist.

Last up is the Bracelet. I've already got a silver Pandora bracelet but I think the black leather one is perfect for wearing each day and would look stunning with these 5 charms.
All of these charms and the bracelet come to £245 and each one is linked in case you fancy making a purchase!

If you want a chance to win up to £250 of gorgeous jewellery from John Greed you can find out more here.

Have you entered the Valentine's Day Challenge?


  1. This is so sweet. Love the story behind your bracelet.
    Adela x

    1. Thank you :) I think that's the thing about charm bracelets, they all have memories, stories and meaning behind them all x

  2. Beautiful nails