Dancing On Ice Style with OSiS+: Ashley Robert's Faux Bob

Just the other week on Dancing On Ice Ashley Roberts had her hair styled into a gorgeous Faux Bob by Paul Haskell with the use of the Schwarzkopf OSiS+ range.

Immediate PR set the challenge for some bloggers to recreate the look using the same products and I was lucky enough to be chosen last week.

How I attempted to achieve Ashley's Faux Bob

After washing my hair I added some OSiS Flatliner Spray and OSiS Body Me Serum and dried it straight.
To add a bit of volume I sectioned off the top layer of my hair and added some OSiS dust it and backcombed the hair slightly.
Then I pulled my hair into a low, loose ponytail before tucking it under.
I've got long hair and a lot of it so it took a while, and a few grips, before I got it tucked under without being noticeable. Then I pulled the front sections to make it look a bit more realistic. Then gave my hair a spray with OSiS Freeze to hold it all in place.

Unfortunately I don't have any layers cut into my hair so my attempt looks pretty poor compared to Ashley's hair. It's quite an easy way to mix up your hairstyles though.

Are you a fan of Ashley's Faux Bob? (or mine?!)
Is there any Dancing On Ice hairstyles that you'd like to try?

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  1. I've been soo tempted to cut my hair short like this recently (My hairs stupidly long) but I'll give this a go and see what it looks like! Thanks. :) x