Collin Resultime Mini Facial For Dry Skin Review

 This post has been a long time coming. I received the mini facial kit* before Christmas and never found time to sit back and relax for half an hour. With all the stress of placement, and the cold weather, my skin's been having a hard time. So I decided to take some time off from lesson planning on Sunday to treat my skin - and man what a treat it was!

Step by Step: Resultime Mini Facial

1. Cleanse the face with the Anti-ageing cleansing milk, applying it with fingers and removing with water. This cleanser was lovely to use. Very soft and removed all my makeup with ease.

2. Apply the anti-ageing Toning Lotion using cotton pads. I'm a big fan of toners, just because their quick and easy to use. This one was very gentle and smelt lovely.

3. Apply Grain Free Soft Scrub to face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. I wasn't a fan of the smell of this, it was really strong and old lady-ish. It was very soft and creamy though.

4. Apply Restructuring Nourishing Mask and leave for 10minutes. I really like this mask. It was a much nicer scent and felt lovely on my skin - no tightening and uncomfortable feeling. But I didn't like that it went on clear so I wasn't sure if I'd missed anywhere.

5. Apply 5 Expertise Cellular Eye Contour Cream. This felt so luxurious and a little really goes a long way so I'll be using it often.

6. Finish with the Lipid Replenish Nourishing Cream. This claims to replace natural omega oils and transport lipids into the skin for a nourished, comfortable, soft skin. I totally agree with these claims. My skin felt great afterwards.

I received the sample kit but the products are available individually online (here) in full sizes.

I'd highly recommend these products to anyone with dry skin, though by looks of things they've got a product to suit whatever skin worry you've got. 

Have you tried any Collin Resultime products?

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