I&K Side Swept Fringe Review

Hairtrade.com has a huge range of hair extensions, along with a big selection of hair and beauty products. Whilst browsing all the different types of extensions, from Dip Dye to Feather, I was left intrigued by the fringe extensions.
I actually wanted to try out the Blunt Fringe because I've not had a full fringe since I was 6 and there is no way I'd risk getting my hair cut to find out I'd look like a 6 year old again. Unfortunately it seems to have been sold out in my hair colour for ages so I went for the side swept option*. This may been a bit odd as I've already got a slight side fringe but it was worth a go to see if a bigger fringe would suit me and it gives me a bit more of an option.

The first two things I noticed were the quality and the style.
The quality is fantastic, which is probably the reason Hairtrade.com are so well known for their hair extensions. The style of the fringe looked a bit strange. The huge flick at the side had me looking a bit scared but because it's totally human hair you can restyle it with hot tools and cut it without worrying that it'll melt or frizz.

I was also really surprised about how much hair was in each set. The set has plenty of hair so it looks like a big healthy fringe but this might cause a couple of problems. I'm lucky to have thick hair but for people with thin hair you might find it hard to make the fringe blend in, nothing a bit of back combing won't solve I'm sure.

Also because of the thickness I found it quite hard to put the fringe in. The first few attempts I just looked like I stuck a short set of extensions to the front of my head. I had no idea where to position it or how to make it at least look like it MIGHT have been real. I've still not managed to apply them properly but that's more to do with the fact that my hair is a whiter blonde than the extensions so they don't actually match. 

Hairtrade.com actually has a video on their website showing how to put in the blunt fringe rather than the side swept fringe, but it's handy to watch to help get the hang of it. 

Have you ever tried out fringe hair extensions?

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  1. Oh wow what a great idea! didn't know you get this.