Get Fit Feel Epic - Fitness Without The Gym

It's one of the most common New Years Resolutions, Getting Fit or Losing Weight. Since the non-stop eating across the festive period, January always seems like a good time to clean up your lifestyle. I've never been one for the gym, and I'm on a spending ban anyway, but that doesn't mean I don't want to get rid of the chocolate for breakfast effect. reached out to Sandra (at the Black Pearl Blog and Bloggers Go Skinny) to help hold a Get Fit Feel Epic Competition (more info here) to win a FitBit activity tracker and a set of smartscales. I'm not a fitness expert so don't have any fancy fitness technology like this and would love to get my hands on them to help me along the way.

So what ARE my tools for my (hopeful) success?

I've had my Kinect for just over a year now and it's been the biggest motivator to do exercise. Whether I fancy a boogie on Just Dance or a full blown work out on Fitness Evolved it gives me the chance to get moving without getting bored. Even a half hour playing Kinect adventures burns calories (if you can drag yourself away after only 30minutes!)

Zaggora Hot Pants
Another nifty piece of technology to help you on the right tracks. These are quite talked about on blogs. Their designed with fancy celu-lite technology which heats up your body - to literally sweating point -  which helps speed up calorie burning and "literally" melt away inches.

As seen on Made In Chelsea this contraption has been around for a few years now. A lot of girls worry about using weights because they don't want to bulk up but this weight isn't that heavy which makes toning a bit more achievable. It might not seem like much work but after about 6 minutes I'm left with aching arms which seems like a good sign.

What are your secrets to success?


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    1. It's crazy that a pair of shorts can make you sweat just standing still! x

  2. Brilliant post! I would love to try Zaggora hot pants and the shakeweight!!!
    Thanks for entering the competition lovely x

    1. Thank you! Definitely recommend them. I think I'll be giving the 2week Hot Pants Challenge ago to try and drop a dress size x

  3. Love this post. Many people think the gym is the only way to lose weight, but it isn't. Although I love the gym, I'm determined to try other methods of exercise this year.

    Cute post *following*


  4. It is definitely good to know that we can do our workouts in the comfort of our own homes. But sometimes, I miss the ambiance of a gym. Seeing other people work out motivates me more. Because of that, I’ve decided to do my light exercises at home and my well-planned routines at the gym.[Brandon Pepper]

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