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Cynol Glow Review

Since hair oils took over the hair product world (not just in blogs) I've tried a fair few. From the cheap ones (Hello Primark) to the Oil God (Moroccanoil) and overall I've been super impressed. 
For years I wasn't that nice to my hair attacking it with straighteners and hairdryers on a very regular basis. Since getting my hands on oils I've been able to leave my hair natural as the oil removes the frizziness and flyaways.

Though Clynol's Glow is a "Salon Exclusive" the packaging doesn't feel that luxurious, but thankfully that goes hand in hand with the price tag. £15.45 is a good price for a great product. I suppose the plastic bottle means I don't mind throwing it in my handbag for an on the go fix - weightlessly!
Another comment on the packaging front - the pump. 
When it comes to hair oils it doesn't take too much to really be too much! Half a pump too much and your hair can look like a greasy mess. This pump is quite short so a full pump isn't a scary prospect.

The directions are quite straightforward and nothing different from most other oils. 
I've found that it's also quick good to use as an over night treatment (though the 'instructions' don't say it). I've tried putting quite a generous blob of oil into my hair at night, wrapping it up and washing it out in the morning. An easy quick fix!

Glow is a much thinner consistency than a lot of hair oils. That's good for you fine haired girls, but it's also much easier to use on second day hair as it doesn't weigh your hair down whilst working it's wonders - a hair oil without adding greasiness!
And finally, a hair oil that doesn't leave me running to the sink to wash my hands. Nothing too sticky.

As for the scent? A nice fresh smelling oil which isn't over powering but doesn't last long in the hair. 

Have you tried Clynol Glow?
Are you a fan of hair oils or have you discovered something even better?