A Quick Explanation: I'm a Teacher

So I've said it before on my blog but I'm currently studying Primary Education and part of the fun is placement. Placement seriously takes over my life and as I start in a school today for the next 10 weeks I can guarantee my blog will be affected. I'm not saying I'll not blog but during the afternoons, evenings and weekends that I could normally try to do some blog prep I'll now be lesson planning, assessing, reflecting, marking, researching, analysing data and creating my 'wonderful' teaching file.

Doing placement and a dissertation at the same time isn't going to be easy so placement, dissertation and blogging is going to be close to impossible. So I'm taking this time to let you all know what the situation is and to apologise if my posts aren't quite as frequent as I'd like, or they have been in the past.

Fingers crossed my placement goes well and I'll be a fully qualified teacher by June!


  1. Best of luck hun I'm sure you will be just fine!

  2. Good Luck with your placement :)



  3. How exciting! I wish you the best, good luck :)