100 Day Spending Challenge: January 1st - April 10th

       The start of 2013 and there are a lot of people attempting to improve their financial situation and what a better way to do it than a spending ban for 100 days. From January 1st to April 10th I plan to save my money and not buy some of the things I unnecessarily spend my money on. Reading blogs is a bit of a spending trap. You read about products that you think you need must have and can't live without. You buy new products to review. You see what others are buying and are inspired by their makeup collection or wardrobe. It's little wonder my wardrobe is bursting at the seams and my dressing table is overflowing.

My Rules:
  • No Beauty Products – That includes makeup, nail polish, hair products and skin care. I should have enough to last me for the whole 100 day period, and probably longer. The only time I’m allowed to purchase any of these items is if I’ve completely run out, though using about 20 mascaras is not likely to happen!
  • No Books or Magazines – My kindle is packed full of books that I haven’t read yet. Other than No1 (which I’ve got a subscription to so don’t need to buy) I’m not allowed to get any magazines – even if they have AMAZING freebies that every beauty blogger and their mother simply must have.
  • No Clothes - I've got enough clothes to get my through the 100 days without having to leave the house naked!
  • Petrol is a necessity so I’m allowed to (grudgingly) buy petrol to make sure I reach my placement and home safely.
  • Books or resources for university are another exception.
  • Everyone else that is taking part in this challenge seems to be doing a wishlist style post every week or 2. I’ll do this too, not just to make the challenge a lot more unbearable but also to hopefully prove at the end of the 100 days that my blog wishlists are materialistic stuff that I don’t really need. 
I    If you're doing a similar challenge I'd love to know what your rules and exceptions are. Also if you've managed to succeed before what tips would you give me? As for the people who think they couldn't manage it, why not?


  1. I'm doing one too! I'm really cracking down on myself. Have a look at my post if you want :)
    I can't wait to get going properly, I get paid tomorrow so that's when the real test starts!

    Good luck!! :)


  2. I'm going to do this too..
    Too much money spending in the last month if you ask me....
    I'm also saving for a vacation so this will help me!


  3. I'm doing this too :) i'll link my post if you want to have a read. Good luck!


  4. Holy crumbs - best of look!
    I know for sure I couldn't go 100 days without books or magazines!
    Probably not even a month without buying one!

  5. This is such a good idea, I'm so tempted to do it... i know my friend Sarah at http://yummymummyintraining.blogspot.com is doing this... i just would be so disappointed if i couldn't stick to it but i really want to do it... maybe egg me on girly's? :)



  6. Good luck ! i don't know if i would ever be able to do this

    Liyana ♥