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Passion For Fashion - Blogger Challenge


When better to wear a sequin dress than winter time? This dress is my favourite bargain from this challenge. It looks like a dress which could be from Top Shop but it barely costs over £20 from (less than if you use the coupon JENNA20 ;) ).
The blazer was a must have for this outfit to keep warm between leaving the party and fumbling with the keys at the front door after a couple of cocktails. The accessories are kept to minimal but are all statement pieces.



My casual outfit is perfect for catching up with friends over a hot chocolate (and a cheeky slice of cake). Nothing says autumn has arrived better than a cosy knit jumper. This gorgeous jumper with studded shoulders is a bargain, and as just good quality as other more pricey knitwear. I've paired this jumper with dark cranberry coloured jeans which adds to the cosy look. The slouchy bag from New Look is effortless and goes well with the studded shoes and bracelet. My favourite bargain from this outfit is the bracelet from Forever 21 which has an amazing selection of affordable, fashionable jewellery which makes stacking this A/W a task that won't break the bank.



This is my favourite outfit and one that I'd definitely wear myself. Outdoors is quite a vague category so I narrowed it down to 'walking the dog in the park'. Leather jackets are timeless and definitely worth investing in, that's why I chose a more expensive one from Miss Selfridge as it's guaranteed to last for years and be worn season after season. The snood and high brown boots have returned since last A/W and are 'British' trend accent pieces perfect for a crisp Autumn walk. The outfit is accessoried with the gold watch and small cross body bag -both very practical - timekeeping and somewhere to carry your phone, keys and dog poo bags haha. This outfit wouldn't be complete without the umbrella. This cute animal print one is a necessity in the unpredictable British weather.

First Date


 I imagined a first date being a meal at a nice restaurant(Sorry McDonalds doesn't cut it boys) followed by drinks in a bar. 
Disco pants have been everywhere the past few months and are set to stay for the foreseeable future and are perfect for a dressed up look without trying too hard. These Disco Pants are a complete bargain, £60 cheaper than the real deal, and possibly the cheapest available online without ordering from China through ebay. The red peplum top was another bargain and another trend revisited. The bright red is perfect for a date but is also very on trend for winter. The mix of gold and studded accessories add a real statement to the outfit and complete the edgy look.

Office Wear


I completely embraced the British Heritage trend with this office wear outfit both with materials and colour. The tweed blazer is the perfect piece for the office with it's cosy but fitted shape. These "downtown country club-esque" trousers are a flattering shape, perfect for the office and an excellent price. The colours camel, beige and crimson are all must haves for the A/W and look perfect together.  The watch and gloves add sophisticated accessories and the gloves double up as the perfect winter warmer.

This wouldn't be a JennaSuth fashion entry without a bit of primary school style drawing. Please ignore the awful faces, giraffe style necks and strange looking feet - drawing people isn't my forté. The outdoor outfit is still my favourite.

How do you think I got on? Is there any items or outfits that caught your eye?
If you want to take part check out the website here and I'd love if you linked your entry below.

Bridesmaid Duties and Wedding Ideas

One of my best friends got engaged recently and has chosen to me to be one of her bridesmaids, along with another best friend and her cousin. I'm so excited for her Big Day in 2014 and to help with wedding planning as best I can. As you can imagine I've spent hours on and pinterest admiring all the dresses and decorations. If I was to post all the pictures I've admired and saved to my computer I'd have a 5metre long blog post. Instead I've selected just a few to share my excitement and maybe help inspire any other bride-to-be's.

MAC Daft Pink Mineralize Blush

I think one of the prettiest things to look at in MAC is their mineralised products. I admit that's the main reason why I bought this blush in Daft Pink. I swatched loads of the blushes in Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh and was l left needing this.

Daft Pink the perfect pretty, girly pink blush that I was looking for. It has gold veining that adds a beautiful radiant glow. The shimmer is not too much on the face and it removes the need for highlighter. 

It's not the most pigmented blush in the world but I feel it's a good subtle amount of baby pink, which makes it very complimentary on my fair skin tone. I use an angled brush to apply along my cheekbones, rather than the apples of my cheeks. 

What's your favourite blush from MAC? Are there any other brands that have blushes as pretty as MAC?

Internacionale Wishlist

Whilst I'm at uni I've not got as much money to spend on clothes but I don't want to always buy clothes that are poor quality and aren't going to last long. One of the places I always have a look when I'm going to update my wardrobe is Internacionale. It's a very affordable shop with student discount (10% throughout the year with the occasional 20% offer) and on trend pieces. 

Internacionale's website has come in handy for me to eye up their new stock so I know what to expect when returning to Edinburgh. It's practically second nature for me to dream up a wish list on every site I visit and Internacionale is no different. I thought I'd share it as not everyone is aware of how nice, and affordable, it is.

I didn't even realise until I put all the clothes together but it looks like I'm going for a neutral wardrobe next season. 
Are you a fan of Internacionale? What's on your wish list for Autumn/Winter just now? 

Outfit and Makeup of the Night: Birthday Celebrations

My boyfriend turned 22 and to celebrate we (his parents, sister and boyfriend, him and I) went out for a meal before heading to the pub then home to play Articulate with more drinks. It was a lovely meal and Articulate is always a great laugh. I thought I'd share with you my outfit and makeup.

Revlon ColourStay Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
17 Peep Show Mascara
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 kisses Lip Tint: Stay Very Berry

Top: New Look
Bracelets: Jewels4girls and
Flip Flops: New Look

We also went out on the Saturday night but I failed at taking photos so I thought I'd share two that were taken by the "nightclub photographer".

Outfits of the Week August #4

Monday- Sunshiney Day
Top: Primark
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bracelet: Jewel4girls

Tuesday - Work and Running Errands
Top: River Island
Bandeau: New Look
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Primark
Bracelet: Prairie Charms

Wednesday- Work
Top: Primark
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: New Look
Nails- Shellac Hot Chillis
Bracelet: Jewels4girls

Thursday - Lunch with the newly engaged Selina
Top: H&M
Vest Top: H&M
Jeans: New Look
Bracelets: Prairie Charms
Shoes: New Look

Friday - Casual work day before dinner and drinks
Tshirt: H&M
Jeans: River Island
Bracelet: Jewels4girls
Shoes: New Look

Saturday - Feeling fragile, work & pub lunch with the boyfriend
Top: New Look
Jeans: Top Shop
Shoes: Primark
Bracelet: Jewels4iglrs

L'Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Review

For the longest time I used the same cleanser and toner to removed my face makeup as my eye makeup. I had to rub a bit harder but was oblivious to the need for a separate product until I got a Clinique All About Eyes set at Christmas time. This worked well but was a bit harsh on my sensitive eyes. I went back to using normal cleanser unless I was wearing waterproof mascara or umpteen layers.

Whilst browsing Boots, passing time until the bus came, I spotted the L'Oreal Gentle Make-up Remover Eye.
It caught my eye because of the small, cute, blue packaging. It was quite cheap, which sealed the deal, and I gave it a go. Since then they've changed the packaging slightly but it's still only £2.99.

It only takes a small drop on a cotton pad to remove all three layers of mascara and doesn't make my eyes sting or sore at all. The only down side is that it can leave a slight oily residue but this is gone with a tiny bit of toner. You can't really complain when it does such a good job, smells pleasant and doesn't sting or irritate the skin.

I've had this make-up remover for almost 7 months and I've just used more than half the bottle. So in about 5 months time I'll definitely be taking my £3 to Boots and repurchasing it.

Shellac Nails at Home - Step By Step Guide

Shellac Nails at Home
Step By Step Guide

What you'll need:

UV Nail Curing Lamp 

Nail varnish remover
Nail File
Nail Buffer
Shellac Base Coat and Top Coat
Shellace polish
Gel Cleanser
Gel Cleanser Wipes

Step One

Remove any nail polish that's on your finger nails in order to prep your nails.

Step Two
Buff your nails to remove any flakes and to smooth the surface. This helps prevent any cracking and chipping.

 Step Three
File your nails. This is quite an obvious step. If you don't have filed, neat nails you won't have neat gel nails.

Step Four
Apply a coat of Shellac Base Coat. Cure your nails for two minutes under the UV lamp. My lamp turns off after 60 seconds so it's easy for me to keep track of the time.

Step Five
Apply Shellac polish then cure under UV lamp for two minutes. Repeat this step in order to have opaque even covered nails. Remember to apply in thin layers as if it is applied too thick the gel separates from the nail much quicker. Thick layers are also more likely to be wrinkle resulting in a gel nail which isn't smooth.

Step Six

Apply a Shellac Top Coat and cure under UV lamp for two minutes. This works just the same as a regular top coat during a regular manicure. 

Step Seven
Use gel cleanser on a gel cleanser wipe to remove any gel residue and to enhance the shine.

Have you ever had Shellac style nails done? Would you consider trying gel nails at home?