Top 5 Beauty Stocking Fillers for Under £10 : Guest Post by Rebecca

As you may, or may not know, I am currently sunning it up in Egypt with my boyfriend as my 21st birthday present. I didn't want to neglect my blog so put out a plea for a few guest posts and the lovely Rebecca got back to me straight away with this cute Christmasy post.

Top 5 Beauty Stocking Fillers for Under £10.

Hello, lovely bloggers. My name is Rebecca and I blog occasionally over on I blog mostly about things that are going on in my life, with the occasional beauty post thrown in there! :) This guest post was inspired by a shopping trip I recently undertook in order to buy Christmas presents for my best friend. Although I've been saving up for quite a while for Christmas, I don't have a lot of money and I wanted to buy lots of little things for her, rather than one big present. So, this is where I began scouring the town for cracking beauty stocking fillers, and here is my top 5!

Now, I've seen this product many times on different beauty blogs, and I must say, it looks amazing. You can create your own 3D nail art that leave your nails looking spectacular, and for £3, it's a cheaper alternative to other nail art products, such as stamps and foils. Buy this for your friends, and you can all have rocking Christmas party nails.

My friend Laura uses this regularly, and after cheekily borrowing it from her in registration at school, it is safe to say this is the best hand cream around! At £5.00 a bottle, it is a little pricey, but it's certainly worth it. Keep your hands smooth and protected this winter.

3. Lush - Snow Fairy
I've always wanted to purchase products from Lush, but I've never had the opportunity to do so. Another one of my friends has this shower gel, and the smell is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone at £3.50, and the pink colour makes it all the more better for any girly girls out there!

2. Vaseline Gift Set
 Definitely a winter beauty staple! No girl wants to be kissing guys under the mistletoe with cracked lips! Avaliable in both a big blue tin, or a pink one, this gift set is  a must at only a fiver!

And lastly.. are you ready? Drum roll please....

Barry M Nail Varnish in Jewel Britannia.
 No girl can go out without sparkly nails this Christmas. Get your girlfriend one of these, and treat her to something beautiful! Plus.. as a bonus.. you can also borrow it too!

Rebecca xo


Thank you so much Rebecca for your stocking filler ideas. I'd quite happily receive any of these in my stocking. As for the Snow Fairy shower gel, I'd highly recommend it and I've stocked up for myself already.

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