Halo Hair Extensions: How to adjust your halo

Stop your halo from slipping

The Halo by Halo Hair Extensions is simple to wear as you don't have to worry about backcombing and clips, all you have to do is put the halo on and move your hair to suit. But when your Halo arrives in the post you might find that it's not quite the right size, because lets face it we all have different sized heads. The good thing is the Halo is totally adjustable and really easy to do... once you know how!

Step 1
Pinch the bead and pull gently on the wire to make it bigger or smaller. In my case I had to pull the wire to make the halo smaller.

Step 2
Check the halo for size. The halo should sit in front of the crown of your head and then sit below the bump in your skull, just about the nape of your neck. The wire will be higher up than your ears if it fits properly. Give your head a good shake to check that it's a good fit.

Step 3
Tie about 3 knots in the wire. This stops the halo changing size so be sure that you've got the right size before you do this.

Step 4
Cut off the spare wire just beyond the knots. No turning back so make sure you cut off the right wire.

The finished halo - perfect size with no slipping!

Have you tried the halo style hair extensions or do you prefer clips in?


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  2. Your placement is much lower than what Halo specifies. You've got the piece sitting almost at neck level.

    1. It's a good fit for me - stays in place all day and night and feels comfortable. That's the most important part xo

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