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I love Christmas! The food, music, movies, decorations, presents and family time. Gladys tagged me in the Christmas Tag and I just had to do it!

                                           Do you prefer to give or receive gifts?
When I was younger I couldn't understand how people would say the prefer to give gifts but I totally understand it now. This year I've practically done all of my Mum's Christmas shopping for her because I see so many things that I think other people will love and it gets me excited. My favourite present I've given was a signed book for my brother. I waited in line for 3 hours to get it signed and then spent 5 weeks dying of excitement trying not to blurt out my big surprise. He absolutely loved it and told everyone about it. 

Name one gift that you will be giving this year.
I don't want to say what I've bought people as most things are a surprise, which I'd rather not ruin. But I can say I'm buying my boyfriend the Football Manager PC Game. It's a tradition. Ever since our first Christmas together in 2008 I've bought him the new game.

What are some of the things you'd like to receive as a gift this year?
This year I've asked Santa Claus for a pair of Ugg boots! I've resisted before, and bought the cheap pairs from Primark or shoe shops but they're just not the same and don't last at all. I'm looking forward to having some cosy boots to keep my feet warm.

Be more specific if you'd like, put some links up here:
Other things I'd love include the UltraCalming Dermalogica Skincare set, Lady Gaga perfume and Pandora charms.

What is the most useful gift that you have ever received? 
Probably my camera. It's been so useful both for blogging and general photo taking. 

Most useless?
 I can't think of any useless presents I've received. I know when people think of rubbishy presents they think socks but they're still useful!

Most you've spent on a person? What was it?
I'm not sure what the most I've spent is. I'd probably say it would be on my boyfriend on our first Christmas. We spent about £200 on each other, but not on one specific thing. Since then we've had price limits around £50-£80. 

Things you would NOT want to receive this year?
I have no idea what I'd NOT like to receive. I suppose getting a present that wasn't meant for you, like if someone bought an aftershave set for my brother and gave me the exact same thing. I'd not be too impressed then.

Why do you love Christmas?
I explained at the top of this post but basically I'm a huge kid and love all of it! Even when I have to start it in October when I'm teaching I'm still addicted. 

If you've done the Christmas Tag let me know as I'd love to see other people's answers.
When do you start playing the Christmas tunes and watching Christmas movies?

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