21st Birthday Outfit of the Night

It's been over a week since my birthday, but life has been so hectic that I've not had the chance to get these photos up.  I had the most amazing birthday and have loads of photos to show. I thought I'd start with my outfit which I loved, and felt great in.

Hair: Halo Hair Extensions* in Bleach Blonde
Dress: Club L Concession at New Look
Shoes: soyoushoes.co.uk


  1. You look amazing, love your dress. Happy birthday!

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  2. Pretty dress!! Happy birthday :)


  3. LOVE that dress.. well any dresses that are gold I instantly become obsessed with. I like how the bottom has the little strip that you can see through!


    1. Thank you :) That's what made me love it too, it's so sparkly! xx

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