Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Intensive Conditioner Review

Glad Hair Day 250ml

I've been really getting into Soap and Glory products recently, which is probably quite obvious from my hauls and reviews, but I hadn't tried any of their hair products. I was on the lookout for a conditioner that I could use every time I wash my hair but still wanted an intensive conditioner that would keep my hair strong and smooth not just soft in the shower. Glad Hair Day seemed like it would be suitable and £5.50 was a reasonable price to pay both for a Soap and Glory product and an intensive conditioner.

A word of warning to begin: a little goes a long way! This conditioner is extremely thick and if you're feeling a bit too generous you may end up walking out of the shower with already greasy hair - I'm talking from experience! I'd gotten so used to the texture of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment which is considerably thinner so I squeezed out a huge splodge of the Glad Hair conditioner without being aware that it was far too much.

I've learnt my lesson!
After falling at the first hurdle I was a bit worried that this might be a failure for Soap and Glory but if used properly this conditioner is quite good. It smells lovely and quite fruity. As it's thick and a lot isn't required it last for ages. 

It states both on the front and back of the packaging that this formula is best suited for full, frizzy or fried hair and not for thin hair. My hair ticks all three of those categories and can fully agree that this conditioner isn't for fine hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable without taking away any volume, but I can imagine fine hair would be left looking limp and being weighed down. 
It also says on the back that it can be used for the roots right to the ends. I don't disagree, but I concentrate it most at the ends to avoid getting too much conditioner where it's not needed. It is quite nice to use quickly along the roots to remove any tangles.

Are you a fan of Soap and Glory's hair products? What's your favourite intensive conditioner which can be used every day?