NX Factors Cosmetics: French Kiss Lipstick Review


I've got another review of a NX Factors Cosmetics product this time it's of this gorgeous, almost bubblegum, pink lipstick. As I said in my last review (here) NX Factors is an American brand which delivers worldwide so this lipstick costs about £7.50 depending on the exchange rate.

I think this lipstick is quite comparable to Angel by MAC. They're both a girly pink colour, although Angel has blue undertones. 

The consistency of this lipstick is quite creamy. Although it's not too drying on the lips I found I had to ensure my lips were well moisturised before I applied it to make sure it didn't make my lips look chapped.

I know most people gravitate towards darker, plummy colours during Autumn and Winter so French Kiss might be better for the Spring or Summer but I still think I'd be tempted to wear this for a night out with lots of eye makeup as it's great for adding some girly colour.

Have you tried any NX Factors Cosmetics yet?

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