Jemma Kidd Touch Up Concealer Review

"Brush away the after-party hours. Illuminating and perfecting concealer for a camera ready, soft-focus finish. Helps soothe and hydrate skin, with added vitamins A and E."

This Jemma Kidd Front Cover Touch-Up Concealer concealer has a nice texture. It's brightening and doesn't crease under the eye. I'm not so sure about it being soothing, it's not got the same soothing affect as Garnier's Under Eye Roller. As for the added vitamins A and E? There's no real way to know if that is true but vitamin E is there to rejuvenate and maintain collagen in the skin, whilst vitamin A provides anti ageing benefits.

The brush applicator is quite soft and doesn't take many turns for there to be plenty of product to cover up any dark circles - after party evidence perhaps. You do have to be careful not to twist too much, especially at the beginning, or else the concealer will come flying out and you'll be left with far too much concealer and not enough imperfections to cover.

Have you tried this concealer or any other Jemma Kidd products? I bought this after seeing it on Fragrance Direct for only £2.99!

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  1. this looks good for the price you paid but nothing special for £9.50, id prefer to get the lumi magique one!