Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Review

50ml £28.60*

This post has taken a long time to be written. I won the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Anti-Aging Peel on ReallyRee's blog back in July and I tried it straight away. But since then it got lost under all my other lotions and potions. It wasn't until I was raking through my "Beauty Drawer" in my flat looking for nail varnish remover that I found it, and remember just how impressed by it that I was.

Obviously I can't comment on the anti-aging potential of this product just yet as my skin's not quite reached that stage. So this review doesn't touch on how potentially amazing it is for reducing wrinkles etc. Perhaps I'll get my Mum to try it out and see how she gets on, but that might lead to it going missing, permanently!

The first thing written on the tube is about the mixture of exotic fruit enzymes that are in this face mask style peel and those are the very reason why this smells lovely - not too overpowering either!
The cream is a lovely consistency and doesn't take too much to cover your face with a thin layer. The tube recommends 10-15 minutes and I've tried both. Leaving it on for 5minutes longer doesn't make it burn and doesn't seem to affect it too much, so whether you're in a rush or have longer to relax this peel is perfect.
The cream is then washed off with warm water to reveal lovely, healthy, glowing skin. I was really amazing at how gently exfoliating it is. It doesn't have any bits or granuales like most exfoliators but it leaves my skin looking a lot less dry and flakey. A must have product for the winter time when your skin is getting dry and sore.

Almost £30 is very expensive but when a product works so well it's worth splashing out, isn't it? Rather than buying 6 different scrubs that don't work and cost £5 each, £30 doesn't seem so bad for a luxurious, spa quality product. So, I'd highly recommend this and because it's not something you use everyday it lasts for ages.

Are you an Elemis fan? Have you used any "Peel" products that you'd recommend?

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