Barry M Amethyst Glitter Polish

On the look out for a new glitter polish I was instantly drawn in by Amethyst Glitter which is one of the new Barry M Jewel Glitter Range. For only £2.99 it was worth trying out and I may be tempted by a few of the others in the range.

Amethyst Glitter is a gorgeous nail varnish which I think is perfect for the festive period (although I'd wear this every month of the year regardless.)
The polish is made up of purple, pink, gold, turquoise and black glitters in a clear polish. The glitters are actually quite big which means only 2 coats leaves quite an opaque coverage. So, this polish is perfect on it's own, but might look good as a top coat too.

I love how quickly this polish dries. If I apply it on my left pinky nail by the time I've painted the other 9 nails the pinky nail is practically dry and ready to go. This is perfect because I find I have to touch up this polish every half a day!!!

Unfortunately this Barry M polish isn't long lasting at all. It's a nightmare for chipping. Even with two top coats I've had to fill in the gaps and chips after a few hours. I'd recommend it for wearing on a night out but the only way you could guarantee perfect looking nails by the end would be to carry the polish in your bag - not worth the hassle if you've had a few cocktails!

I'm gutted that this nail varnish chips so easily. If anyone else has had a better experience of this polish or knows how to make it last more than 5 hours please leave a comment letting me know! Has anyone tried the other glitter nail varnishes from Barry M's Jewel Glitter range?

What's your favourite glitter polish?
Do you have a must have Christmas polish?


  1. This is my favourite polish in this range!! I love how colourful it is, but I've not had any problems with chipping at all. Mine lasted 3 days without any chips and I had heaps of delivery at work to go through. I use OPI Nail Envy or Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as my base coat and then Sally Hansen Insta Dri as my top coat (one coat of this was fine) What base coat do you use? Sometimes I find my OPI one is much needced because I have ridges on my nails that will cause lots of chips if I don't use anything. The 17 base coat is really good too (and much cheaper!!) hope that helps! Are you considering getting any other glitters in this range? The rose one is really pretty but more of a top coat over something else I think!

  2. Lovely glitter, this is a lot similar to last years OPI one.

  3. I usually find Barry M to be quite long lasting, maybe use a nice top coat, I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and it really helps them last! Xxx