10 Products I Would Repurchase: TAG

This isn't strictly a blog tag but what's the harm in adopting it from youtube?
If all your makeup was stolen or destroyed in a fire what would be the first 10 makeup products you'd repurchase?

I thought this would be really difficult but I quickly managed to narrow it down. Most of these products feature in my everyday makeup routine and there's a good mixture of high end and drugstore products.

The very first product I'd repurchase would be a foundation, without a doubt, so this one was easy. Revlon ColourStay foundation has been my favourite for the past 3 years now. Although it's not my everyday foundation, it's the one I use for nights out, it has the best coverage and stays put for hours. 
MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is a fantastic accompaniment for any foundation. It's the powder I use everyday for setting my makeup and add an extra bit of coverage.

Another two face products, a bronzer and a highlighter. I opted for these two over a blush because I've got quite pink undertones so I find a bronzer and highlighter are much more beneficial and add to the flawless skin look more than a blush would, for me personally.
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer is my everyday bronzer, as mentioned here, it's fool-proof. It's the perfect bronze colour for my skintone and I use it below my cheekbones, with MAC's Mineralize Skin finish Soft and Gentle along the top of my cheekbones. I find Soft and Gentle to be the perfect amount of highlight and glow which helps with the contouring process.

Although I don't wear colour on my lips everyday I struggled to choose which products would be my must haves as I've got so many favourites. I've opted for a peach and a pink in the form of Revlon's Lip butter in Peach Parfait and MAC's Angel Lipstick. These two are my favourites for nights out as they both suit my skintone well and aren't too drying.

I've mentioned my fair lashes before so mascara is an essential. The one that has impressed me most, recently, is 17's Peep Show Mascara. It's perfect for nights out or day to day. It can be layered up to create quite a long full look, or look long and natural.
As for eyeliner, a sweep of liquid liner across my top lashes is my favourite for a night out. Rimmel's Exaggerate Eyeliner has been my go-to for probably the last 4 years as it's got the perfect size brush, dark black colour and doesn't smudge throughout the night.

Blistex Relief Cream is almost not a makeup product as it's sort of medicinal but it's an absolute must have for sore chapped lips but is also amazing to add some moisture before applying a lipstick to prevent nasty chapped looking lips. I've been using this for years and is no doubt going to be bought for years more.
Boi-ing concealer has had rave reviews (a wee reminder of my Boi-ing review here) on my blog before so I don't need to sing it's praises too much more. It's basically a fantastic all-round concealer. 

What are your 10 products you'd repurchase? Have any of my choices shocked you or do you agree with any?


  1. I really like the Boi-Ing concealer, I've only tried it in store but I need to purchase one! I'm so fickle with my products, I can't think what I actually repurchase, haha! x

  2. I'm so glad I've seen someone else mention the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner, because I love it! I might do a post like this myself after seeings yours.



  3. I love MAC's Angel! I would also repurchase it once it runs out (I know it will) x