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'Tis the Season...

Celebrate Good Times! It's My Birthday!!!

In case the title of this post didn't give it away it's my birthday!! Today I'm celebrating my 21st birthday. After going out for dinner last night, opening my amazing presents this morning and having a night out later with friends I've got a lot of birthday themed blog posts on the way.

Thank you so much to everyone who's left me a birthday message. I'm having an amazing day!

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Review

This post has taken a long time to be written. I won the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Anti-Aging Peel on ReallyRee's blog back in July and I tried it straight away. But since then it got lost under all my other lotions and potions. It wasn't until I was raking through my "Beauty Drawer" in my flat looking for nail varnish remover that I found it, and remember just how impressed by it that I was.

Obviously I can't comment on the anti-aging potential of this product just yet as my skin's not quite reached that stage. So this review doesn't touch on how potentially amazing it is for reducing wrinkles etc. Perhaps I'll get my Mum to try it out and see how she gets on, but that might lead to it going missing, permanently!

The first thing written on the tube is about the mixture of exotic fruit enzymes that are in this face mask style peel and those are the very reason why this smells lovely - not too overpowering either!
The cream is a lovely consistency and doesn't take too much to cover your face with a thin layer. The tube recommends 10-15 minutes and I've tried both. Leaving it on for 5minutes longer doesn't make it burn and doesn't seem to affect it too much, so whether you're in a rush or have longer to relax this peel is perfect.
The cream is then washed off with warm water to reveal lovely, healthy, glowing skin. I was really amazing at how gently exfoliating it is. It doesn't have any bits or granuales like most exfoliators but it leaves my skin looking a lot less dry and flakey. A must have product for the winter time when your skin is getting dry and sore.

Almost £30 is very expensive but when a product works so well it's worth splashing out, isn't it? Rather than buying 6 different scrubs that don't work and cost £5 each, £30 doesn't seem so bad for a luxurious, spa quality product. So, I'd highly recommend this and because it's not something you use everyday it lasts for ages.

Are you an Elemis fan?
Have you used any "Peel" products that you'd recommend?

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment Review (Think huge beauty, haircare and hair extension website with great market price savings) has absolutely loads of products for dry damaged hair that needs a bit of help. The Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment* stood out to me as something that my long, dry, blonde hair 

The Super Strong Liquid Treatment is bit like a leave in conditioner. You use it on wet hair and it really does help the comb glide through your hair. The bottle says it helps repair and rebuild your hair as well as help strengthen weak hair. I've not been using it long enough to see if the repairing process leads to longer stronger hair but I imagine it would as the results so far are great. My hair doesn't appear to be splitting any where near as much as it does if it's unprotected.

It doesn't take that much to cover your hair as the spray top distributes quite well.  Too much product and you run the risk of having 'over protected' hair with a horrible silicone coating which makes your hair weighed down and greasy.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's suffering from dry, damaged hair. My hair has really been reaping the benefits. The aftermath of dying my hair wasn't as traumatic as it could be and my hair is feeling slightly stronger and healthier.

Have you tried any Paul Mitchell products?
What leave in conditioners or hair treatments would you recommend?

NX Factors Cosmetics: French Kiss Lipstick Review


I've got another review of a NX Factors Cosmetics product this time it's of this gorgeous, almost bubblegum, pink lipstick. As I said in my last review (here) NX Factors is an American brand which delivers worldwide so this lipstick costs about £7.50 depending on the exchange rate.

I think this lipstick is quite comparable to Angel by MAC. They're both a girly pink colour, although Angel has blue undertones. 

The consistency of this lipstick is quite creamy. Although it's not too drying on the lips I found I had to ensure my lips were well moisturised before I applied it to make sure it didn't make my lips look chapped.

I know most people gravitate towards darker, plummy colours during Autumn and Winter so French Kiss might be better for the Spring or Summer but I still think I'd be tempted to wear this for a night out with lots of eye makeup as it's great for adding some girly colour.

Have you tried any NX Factors Cosmetics yet?

10 Products I Would Repurchase: TAG

This isn't strictly a blog tag but what's the harm in adopting it from youtube?
If all your makeup was stolen or destroyed in a fire what would be the first 10 makeup products you'd repurchase?

I thought this would be really difficult but I quickly managed to narrow it down. Most of these products feature in my everyday makeup routine and there's a good mixture of high end and drugstore products.

The very first product I'd repurchase would be a foundation, without a doubt, so this one was easy. Revlon ColourStay foundation has been my favourite for the past 3 years now. Although it's not my everyday foundation, it's the one I use for nights out, it has the best coverage and stays put for hours. 
MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is a fantastic accompaniment for any foundation. It's the powder I use everyday for setting my makeup and add an extra bit of coverage.

Another two face products, a bronzer and a highlighter. I opted for these two over a blush because I've got quite pink undertones so I find a bronzer and highlighter are much more beneficial and add to the flawless skin look more than a blush would, for me personally.
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer is my everyday bronzer, as mentioned here, it's fool-proof. It's the perfect bronze colour for my skintone and I use it below my cheekbones, with MAC's Mineralize Skin finish Soft and Gentle along the top of my cheekbones. I find Soft and Gentle to be the perfect amount of highlight and glow which helps with the contouring process.

Although I don't wear colour on my lips everyday I struggled to choose which products would be my must haves as I've got so many favourites. I've opted for a peach and a pink in the form of Revlon's Lip butter in Peach Parfait and MAC's Angel Lipstick. These two are my favourites for nights out as they both suit my skintone well and aren't too drying.

I've mentioned my fair lashes before so mascara is an essential. The one that has impressed me most, recently, is 17's Peep Show Mascara. It's perfect for nights out or day to day. It can be layered up to create quite a long full look, or look long and natural.
As for eyeliner, a sweep of liquid liner across my top lashes is my favourite for a night out. Rimmel's Exaggerate Eyeliner has been my go-to for probably the last 4 years as it's got the perfect size brush, dark black colour and doesn't smudge throughout the night.

Blistex Relief Cream is almost not a makeup product as it's sort of medicinal but it's an absolute must have for sore chapped lips but is also amazing to add some moisture before applying a lipstick to prevent nasty chapped looking lips. I've been using this for years and is no doubt going to be bought for years more.
Boi-ing concealer has had rave reviews (a wee reminder of my Boi-ing review here) on my blog before so I don't need to sing it's praises too much more. It's basically a fantastic all-round concealer. 

What are your 10 products you'd repurchase?
Have any of my choices shocked you or do you agree with any?

Christmas Party Picks - New Look

Style Crush: Hayden Panettiere

Are you a fan of Hayden Panettiere's girly style?
Who is your current style crush?

Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau de Parfum Review

Floral - Rose
Fruity - Raspberry

A gorgeous scent which is perfect for:
A Night Out
Out For Dinner
Date Night
Special Occasion

The only bad thing about this perfume is it can't be used with a travalo. The top doesn't come off to reveal the spray nozzle so the decision to survive without it arises. The bottle is quite small and delicate which makes taking it away in a suitcase or handbag possible but the risk of breakages and leakage still exists. 

Power of the Halo: Halo Hair Extensions

In November, I received a very exciting email from John at Halo Hair Extensions. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of their first members of their project halo. I couldn't be more excited. I've never worn hair extensions before but had heard so much about Halo Hair Extensions and couldn't wait to receive my very first Halo.
My hair is quite long already so I was sent a 20" Halo in bleach blonde. 
I wanted to quickly show off my Halo, showing just how amazing they look, before doing some posts about how to adjust the halo, how to dye it and about how to style it.

What do you think? Does it suit me?

If you've got any requests about the Halo or wearing hair extensions, please let me know in the comments!