What's In My Shower Tag

This is one of the weirder nosey tags that exists in the 'Beauty Community'. I suppose it's on the same personal level as a 'What's in my Handbag' post but focusing more on hair, skin and body care.
As I've finally got a bathroom to myself, in the form of an ensuite, I wanted to share what my shower must haves are.

I'm delighted with the fact that I have a double shower which has towel rails at the end, meaning I can wrap up warm in my towel without stepping out to the chilly bathroom. Naturally, as I'm just a big kid, I've got a huge Eeyore beach towel. Below it is a hair turban which are amazing at wrapping your hair up.
Attached to the wall in it's little plastic holder is my razor. This pink double ended razor is a Quattro For Women Bikini Razor.
Then sitting in the corner is my purple shampoo stained exfoliator gloves - very handy for my pre-tanning routine and to keep my skin nice and soft.
Inside my shower I have two collections of products. One corner has my everday products whilst the other has my alternatives.
The shampoo I'm using just now is the VO5 Nourish me Truly for damaged hair. This leaves my hair lovely and soft. My conditioner of choice is the Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day intensive conditioner. I think I'll do a review of this, if people would like to see it.
I have some Clean and Clear Exfoliating daily wash which acts both as an exfoliator but also does a good job of keeping my skin clean and clear - ha!
I'm one of those people who gets loads of little shower gels and avoids using them unless I'm travelling (which, lets face it, I don't do much). This year I've decided to use them as they all smell amazing. The Body Shop Strawberry one is a lovely scent!

The alternative corner has two products which I've raved about, both by Lee Stafford. You can see what I've said about the Bleach Blondes Shampoo here and the Hair Growth Treatment here. I use these every few washes to keep my hair in good condition and looking bright and fresh.

What are your shower must haves? Have you done this tag? I'd love to see some links if you have, give me some ideas for future purchases.


  1. Please do a review on the Soap & Glory conditioner!

  2. I wish I could get my hands on V05 products... Here in Canada they don't have anything like that!


    1. Oh really? That's a shame, it probably would cost more for shipping over than the actual product so there's no point ordering online! x

  3. Ha! I'm one of those nosey people, I love seeing what people buy and use, helps me when I go shopping lol. I love the Eeyore towel, always loved Winnie the Pooh(of course I still do).