Soap and Glory Dr Spot Invisible Spot-Fighting Gel Review

Recently I started breaking out all over my face, which is a bit unusual for me. I'm not lucky enough to have perfectly clear skin but I normally only get one or two spots at a time, in similar places, not tons and tons all over my face.
I didn't have a clue what was causing it. It might have been stress, a new foundation, a new bronzer, dirty makeup brushes, new makeup wipes, the fact I was using makeup wipes more than I should have been or a new moisturiser. (Quite a list)
Because I didn't know what was causing it and because I wasn't used to this sort of breakout I was totally unprepared and decided to buy Dr Spot on a bit of a whim.

The claims on the back of the box drew me in. I suffer from dry skin at the best of times and spot treatments tend to make this 100 times worse, so a product which promised to solve my new acne-themed problems without making my dry skin worse was worth a go.

Thankfully these were promises that Soap and Glory managed not to break.
I started using the gel the night I bought it after cleansing my face. I put a small amount of the gel onto each area and left it over night.
I noticed a difference, both in clearing up blemishes and reducing redness. 
I'm not saying this gel is a miracle worker - I didn't wake up the next morning with clear skin, but it really did help control the problem I was starting to feel defeated by. It also didn't leave my skin flakey and dry.

The gel does contain Salicylic & Lactic acid which are common ingredients of acne fighting products. They basically help reduce redness and swelling. They also help shed dead skin cells from the top layer which can help decrease the number of blemishes that form and speed up healing. (So I'm told)

Dr Spot gel is perfect for an over night treatment and for applying during the day as it is 'invisible'. The gel has no colour and, as long as you don't use too much, it sinks into your skin quite quickly. But be careful - the slightest squeeze on the tube and the gel comes streaming out so don't press too hard!

Have you had any good or bad experiences with Dr Spot?
Any other spot treatments which you think are must haves?

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  1. Just got this! Worth a try, I heard soap and glory makes good proucts x