Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara Review

Buying this mascara was an impulse purchase influenced by two things; 3 for 2 on Rimmel products and the gimmicky shaped wand. Having tried the original Scandaleyes mascara quite successfully I had strong hopes for this mascara which promised 'defined volume, lift and length'.

The circular, weapon-like bit on the end of the wand is 'designed' to reach all lashes including the small ones in the inner corner of the eye and the bottom lashes, as well as lifting and defining. The rubber wand is also intended to prevent clumps. Neither are particularly successful. 
The ball isn't any more suited to small lashes than a regular brush. This really is a gimmick.

As for clumps, this mascara has quite a dry consistency so all layers need to be done immediately after each other or else it doesn't do much and causes clumps. However, I've found this mascara doesn't clump if applied quickly which helps lengthen lashes and look quite natural.

Even though this mascara is a dry consistency I still find that it leaves black marks just below my eyebrow where my lashes touch my skin both straight away and HOURS later. Also this mascara tends to flake and smudge below my lashes throughout the day - not a good look.

The photos also show the small black marks around my eyes that I wasn't quite aware of. I'm quite precise when applying my mascara, using a mirror, so this is more than likely caused by the mascara wand rather than a messy application.

No Mascara

One Coat

Two Coats

Three Coats

Four Coats

My eyelashes actually look long, defined and lifted making the fact that this smudges and flakes even more annoying. I may attempt to wear this mascara with only one layer to see if it holds up better.

Have you had a more successful experience with Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara? Would you prefer long, voluminous lashes that smudge throughout the day or lashes with no volume?


  1. This looks like such a good mascara. Going to have to buy this little gem now. Im now following your blog

  2. looks great!! I may be trying this one! Does it clumps your lashes after a few minutes or an hour? Most of drugstores mascaras make my lashes clump after application. :/


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    1. It doesn't clump as long as you apply all the layers directly after each other x

  3. This hasn't hit the states yet, and I love the original scandal eyes. Following you now.