Real Techniques - Core Collection Review and Uses

Real Techniques Core Collection

The Core Collection by Real Techniques is a much talked about set of four face brushes. Each brush a completely different size, but all extremely soft, these brushes are perfect for applying foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighter. At just over £5 a brush they're great value for money and well worth buying.

Detailer Brush
Probably not the best brush to start off with as I use this the least because it really is tiny. I'm always in a bit of a rush to do my makeup so prefer big brushes but this one is great if you've got a bit more time and want to apply and blend in concealer.

Pointed Foundation Brush
Although entitled a foundation brush I prefer it for concealer. The size of the brush makes it perfect for under the eyes and around the nose as well as across any blemishes. It's a bit small and therefore slow for everyday foundation but with time this brush could give an absolutely flawless finish when used with foundation.

 Buffing Brush
The reason I bought the set and the reason I love this set. This brush is amazing for applying liquid foundation It buffs (duh!) it in perfectly. It's super soft and actually quite easy to clean (unlike the ELF Powder brush!!) I prefer this brush slightly more than the stippling brush as it's bigger but the two work brilliantly together.

 Contour Brush
As suggested this brush is the perfect size for contouring. The bristles pick up the right amount of bronzer to create a shadow under the cheekbone. I also use this brush for my highlight. With this I lightly dust some MAC's Soft and Gentle down my nose and along the top of my cheeks to add a nice glow. 

The set comes together with a cute wee brush holder, which actually has slots to keep some other brushes. The holder also unfolds to act as a travel brush 'roll' which is handy.

Have you got the Core Collection? Which is your most used in the set? What Real Technique brush is your favourite?


  1. This was the first RT purchase I made and I still love them now months on. Esp the buffing brush! xo

    1. I can see the buffing brush being used daily for months! xx