GHD Straight and Tame Cream Review

I've got quite thick hair and lots of it! I hate blow drying my hair because it takes ages and I'm always left with puffy, slightly frizzy hair that needs an hour to settle before any straighteners can reach it. I have to admit I wasn't helping this situation by not using any products on my wet hair other than heat protectant and Moroccanoil on the ends. I jumped at the chance to try out this ghd Straight and Tame cream because even though it's not 'curly-unruly' is it thick, a bit wavy and a nightmare to dry.

My first impression of this product was how nice the packaging is. I love the sleek bottle and the teal and gold colours. I think this looks gorgeous sitting on top of my dressing table. I also love the feel of the bottle, as strange as that sounds. It's not heavy and made of glass but it's also not plastic and cheap feeling. The smooth, thick plastic makes it feel like quite a luxurious product.

The second thing that stood out to me before I even tried the product on my hair was the smell. I've never tried a ghd style product before so this might just be the same as the others but this product smells AMAZING. I genuinely wish ghd would bottle this fragrance and sell it as a perfume. It's so nice and fresh and yum. So thumbs up to having a gorgeous smelling product and one where the smell lingers for ages.

The one thing I hate about hair products is how sticky and horrible they can feel in your hands and your hair. I was worried this might be the case for this as it's a cream but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel too heavy or sticky. My hair wasn't weighed down or greasy feeling, it did, however, feel greasier on the second day which is a bit rubbish. Although my hair looked straighter after sleeping I couldn't wear it down without feeling like the ends looked not very clean.

The directions on the bottle says to use 3-5 pumps. I thought this would be loads of product but each pump is quite small and concise. The picture below shows 5 pumps of cream. Through trial and error I've found 4 works well with my long, thick hair. This bottle will probably last for months and months as a little product goes a long way. This cream also contains ghd heat protection system so reduces the amount of products you need to put in your hair as you can skip the heat protectant before attacking with your hairdryer.

As for the "transformation" of my hair "quicker and easily whilst locking in that sleek, smooth look for longer"? This did quite a good job. My hair stayed straighter for longer. I'm not sure it was straighter just by blowdrying but it did feel smoother and not so frizzer and terrified of the heat. I was able to straighten my hair straight after so it reduced my hair styling time and process and I guess did what it intended to do. Just a shame my hair wasn't so happy and clean on day two. I guess this product needs to be bought in conjunction with a can of dry shampoo.

£14.95 is quite pricey for a hair cream but for the length of time it will last and how good it made my hair feel I think it might just be worth it.

Do you use any cream products before blowdrying your hair? What's your favourite ghd style product?

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