Free Smashbox Makeup

I'm sure most of you have heard of Smashbox Cosmetics, but until recently their line wasn't available in the UK (unless you shopped on QVC). To celebrate their launch in Boots stores in the UK Smashbox were giving away FREE Kits for Keeps.
On Tuesday Smashbox were launching in a Boots in Edinburgh so I headed there with my fingers crossed, hoping to get my hands on a set. 
Basically how it works is, on the day of the launch between 11am and 3pm, the first 10 people to register at the Smashbox counter, on the hour, is given their own Try It kit which retails at £19.
To find out if Smashbox is launching in a Boots near you head to their facebook page(here) and fill in your details to be kept up to date.

The kit looks fab with 5 travel size products - 3 are described as minis whilst 2 are "medium". Inside was a Photo Finish Primer, a Lid Primer, an Eyeliner, Mascara and lipgloss.
My first impressions are good (even better because it was free ;) ). I'm sure reviews will follow soon.

Is Smashbox a brand you've tried or been interested in trying?
Ever since Lo worked for Smashbox in The Hills I was intrigued by their products.

Have you been one of the lucky 50 at a Smashbox Launch?


  1. How cool is that, lucky you! I think I saw it in Sephora as well here in Paris, didn't snap it up as I wouldn't really get much use out of it. But enjoy! x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  2. Ohh that is so generous Lucky you girl plus the kit has so many awesome things :)