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Forever 21 Wishlist

It's always the shops that you don't have that you want from the most. Unfortunately Forever 21 hasn't quite made it up to Edinburgh, or even Glasgow yet so I live in envy of the people with the huge, amazing stores on their doorstep. Forever 21was one of my favourite shops to visit when I took a trip to London as they have such a wide range of girly, on trend clothes. I know you can order online but it's not the same as getting to see the clothes first. 
Anyway, here's a few of my picks from Forever 21 just now. I limited myself to only 2 bracelets because if not the whole picture could have been covered in them. They have such an amazing range of jewellery which is quite affordable (not as good as America's prices though). As for the other pieces, they're all colours, patterns and textures that I want in my wardrobe this season.

Are you a fan of Forever 21? What's your favourite clothes shop that you don't have near you? Also, do you prefer seeing clothes before you buy them online or does that not bother you?


  1. Love the blouse & cardigan! I'm in Scotland too so no forever21 near me either. I love a bit of online shopping but think i prefer seeing the clothes and being able to try them on!
    Great post!

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