Essensity Clarifying Shampoo Review

Essensity Clarifying Shampoo

Having always had long, thick hair I've never been one for washing my hair everyday. Not only does it take too long to wash, dry and style but it's also, as everyone says, not good for your hair. This has never been too much of a problem until recently.
I've been battling with greasy hair.

I figured the cause may be a build up of product as I use both intensive conditioners and moisturising shampoos, along with heat protectant, Morroccanoil and leave in conditioners.

I got the chance to try out this Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo* from who specialise in hair extensions, hair care and beauty products at amazing prices reduced from the market price- available to everyone rather than just those in the industry. So although £8.64 may seem expensive for a shampoo it's a high quality product with a saving of over £1.50 (every penny helps!)

The first thing I noticed was that it didn't lather. This instantly made me think 'Oh no it's not working, it won't be making my hair clean' but in actual fact it was doing what it was meant to be doing! Shampoos are not necessarily meant to lather to clean, the lather doesn't actually affect the cleansing process.

I was also impressed by the smell of the shampoo. Another preconception perhaps, but I thought because it's going to be working hard at cleansing it might not smell that nice. Also it's free from artificial fragrances as well as has no silicones, paraffin, mineral oils and parabens so I wasn't expecting this super natural shampoo to smell so fresh.

As for the results? I was impressed, my second day hair was much less oily and generally more wearable. I didn't even need to reach for my Batiste half way through the day. So, I'd highly recommend this clarifying shampoo if you use a lot of products as the build up might be the cause of greasy hair.

After trying this shampoo I did a quite search about clarifying shampoos and found out that clarifying shampoos are good for blonde hair and should be used more often. I've honestly never heard this before and thought the website had got their purple and clarifying shampoos in a muddle. But actually... dyed highlighted hair becomes porous and so the yellowish tone is caused by the environment entering these pores (hairspray, minerals from shower water, shampoo, conditioner, perspiration, etc.). So a clarifying shampoo used weekly can help get rid of the horrible yellowy brassy tones. 

Have you tried any clarifying shampoos? Or have you taken advantage of's savings on all things haircare and beauty?

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