ClaireaBella Polo Jute Bag Review (

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intruiged by the ClaireaBella bags when I seen every cast member of TOWIE parading about with them. They are gorgeous and girly but very practical. I instantly imagined myself using one for carrying my shopping or even better as my teacher bag. Given the chance to try one out I already want to add the large bag onto my Christmas list! were kind enough to send me the Polo Jute Bag which is handmade and completely customisable. As it was sent to me I wasn't actually given the option to customise it but the version they sent is perfect for me, right down to the colour of the dress! I love that all of my friends could have the same style bag but we'd each have it perfectly suited to us.

The Polo Jute bag is the smallest of the three classics. I have to admit I find it a bit too small to use for either shopping or work. I have found it to be the perfect size for sitting on my dressing table as decoration and for my skincare items. 
But as a bag, it's more suited for little princesses, letting little girls feel like they've got a handbag all of their own.
That's why the large is on my wishlist... I've got far too much junk to be carrying around with me!

I think it's the added touches that make ClaireaBella bags stand out. The cute little bows and the 'hand made with love' heart that show how much thought goes into each bag. I also love the glitter which is used to add an extra bit of sparkle. I was sceptical about the use of glitter as  there's nothing worse than the glitter coming off and getting onto everything. But the high quality of the ClaireaBella bags can be seen as the glitter doesn't transfer at all.

Have you been tempted by the ClaireaBella trend? Would you prefer the Jute or Canvas style bags?

What would you carry in yours?


  1. I do love these bags and the idea of customising them but just find them to be too expensive :( X

    1. They are expensive. I think if I was to buy one I'd go for the large one as I could almost guarantee that it would be used everyday for my teacher stuff. Fingers crossed, might get it as a graduation present haha x

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  4. Not all jute bags and canvas bags are as expensive as these

    there are folks on facebook ebay and lots of places selling them much cheaper

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