Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder - Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer

The Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer, or chocolate bronzer as it's also known, was a massive cult blogger product a couple of years ago and one that I took a while to cave in to. I bought the darker shade, 52, as from my experience shade 51 was impossible to get a hold of. This could of been disastrous as I'm pretty pale but thankfully it was a successful purchase and I've loved it ever since.
The first comment to be made about this bronzer is the scent. It's got a sweet chocolate scent, hence the nickname, and smells gorgeous! I thought before I bought it that it might be too overpowering and sickening but it really isn't, it's just perfect.
This bronzer is practically fool-proof. A little bit goes a long way and blends so easily to leave a nice sunkissed look. The bronzer has a slight shimmer but isn't a glitterball effect bronzer. As I've fair skinned I don't need too much but it builds really well so the perfect bronzed look is very achievable. I've got dry skin and this works well on my skin and also hasn't broken me out at all.
Not only does the bronzer last ages on but the product lasts ages. You can see from my photos that there's barely a dent in the product and I've had it for donkeys!

My only gripe about this is that I wish the packaging of this bronzer was a bit nicer. For £7 I would have liked a mirror inside. This would have made it much more portable as you don't have to carry an extra one about but unfortunately it comes in a cardboard 'book' which can get a bit battered if taken anywhere. So this bronzer is limited to my makeup up at home. But I do like that they've kept the chocolate theme with the shape of the bronzer inside.


  1. I've got this too but haven't used it much yet, it does smell delicious though! xx

  2. I use the version of this that comes in a palette with a mirror and that's good, quite natural, good for contouring!

  3. I would totally love to try this!!!! It's not available at Puerto Rico :( too bad! I've read many great things about it. XOXO

    1. Oh no :( maybe your can order from somewhere that does international shipping? xx

  4. Where is this available I haven't seen it anywhere?

  5. I picked this up but mine is just not pigmented at all, it's the same shade too :(