Birthday Wishlist

So it is exactly a month until my 21st birthday so I thought it was totally acceptable to put up my birthday wishlist. My Mum always asks what I want for my birthday so I've got into a habit of keeping a note of things that have caught my eye in the months leading up to my birthday. Most of them are self explanatory apart from the picture in the middle.

 I'm not a totally spoiled brat and want a whole holiday resort for my birthday... just a holiday to Egypt! For my boyfriends 21st last year I took him to Disneyland Paris as we're both big kids. We've both known since then that another holiday was on the cards to celebrate my birthday but instead of an active holiday we're opting for one where we can lie back, enjoy the sun and do NOTHING. This is going to be an amazing way to spend that horrible time between the festive period (Christmas and New Year) and starting my crazy, hectic placement and dissertation. So that's going to be my big present this year, fingers crossed everything goes to plan.
As for the rest of the things, they're all probably things I've seen on blogs before. I'll start at the top left and work my way clockwise.
Soap and Glory Flake Away - I need an exfoliator and I've heard good things about Soap and Glory ones.
A rose gold watch - I've already got a fancy dancey watch so just a nice, inexpensive one, is on my list. This one is from New Look and is about £20!
Soap and Glory Set - I'm well and truely on the Soap and Glory bandwagon and the great thing about my birthday being close to Christmas is all the Christmas gifts are in Boots already.
Sleeprollers Big and Bouncy Set - My mum has known about this for about 3 weeks already so hopefully she's already got it hidden in the house somewhere ;)
Models Own Wonderland Collection - I don't think I need to explain, the picture does that for me.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel - This Lush classic is limited edition to Christmas time so my birthday is a nice time to stock up on this gorgeous scent!
Pandora Bracelet - I'm very much a bracelet girl and I'd LOVE one of these as a keepsake for my 21st birthday along with the key charm.

What do you think of my list?
When it comes to presents do you like surprises or would you prefer to let people know what you want?


  1. I completely understand the Soap and Glory obsession! I don't mind if I'm suprised or they ask!

  2. Your wishlist is amazing, Sleeprollers were one of my best investments this year fingers crossed you get them :)

    Iv also got a pandora bracelet and got the 21 charm from the autumn collection for my 21st last month:)

    Hope you get everything you wish for :)

  3. Models own northern lights from the wonderland collection is amazing! I'm wearing it right now! Its become one of my new faves! X