Balmain Professional Hair Straighteners Review

Recommended Consumer price: £179.95

Balmain wasn't a brand of straighteners I knew anything about until I was lucky enough to win their professional straighteners set on twitter. Balmain Hair are actually experts in hair extensions selling hair extensions all with 6months guarantee. Just from that alone suggests that Balmain are a high quality brand which made me very excited to try out the straighteners, and rightly so!

The straightener itself has titanium plates which gives 24% more heat conduction which results in a smoother and longer lasting style. The tool also has 5 heat settings for different hair types Memory Hair (extensions)(140 degrees), Fine Hair (160degrees), Normal Hair (180degrees), Coarse Hair (200 degrees) and Resistant Hair (220degrees). I think this option is fantastic and contributes to the extreme high quality of the tool. My hair is 'normal' so 180degrees is all that's needed to have silky smooth straight hair. 

As I won the 'Complete Backstage Set' the straighteners arrived in a box with some other hair goodies. The thing that I like the most is the pouch with detachable heat resistant mat. I'm guilty of just setting my burning hot straighteners straight onto my desk. As the heat resistant mat is attached to the pouch I store the straighteners in it means the mat is out when my straighteners are so no more lazy desk disrespecting. I really like that the pouch isn't too big and bulky, the end of the mat is magnetic so it roles up to keep the straighteners safe and secure. Perfect wee bag for travelling!

Inside the pouch were four crocodile style hair clips which can be used to section hair for straightening. I've tried these before and always felt like they slipped out of my hair but these ones seem good and stay put quite well. They're handy to keep inside the bag with the straighteners and to use for achieving perfectly straight hair underneath as well as on top.

A hair brush is also included in the set. I'm not a massive fan of the bristles in this brush, their quite rough natural bristles rather than plastic ones. I think this brush is meant to be the perfect style for hair extensions, in order to keep the hair shiny and prevent snagging. I'll probably stick with my Tangle Teezer for my own hair but this will be handy if I ever get my hands on some extensions.

Two bottles of hair product are included but I'm not 100% sure if these are meant for all hair as they mention that they are for extensions but I'm sure they'd work the same. One bottle is a shine spray whilst the other is a conditioning spray.

What's your favourite straighteners? Would you consider trying out a different brand of straighteners or are you a slave to GHD? I know I'd have repurchased GHDs if my straighteners had died but I'm definitely converted.


  1. I don't really need good ones as my hair straightens so easily!

    Picked up a cheap Nicky Clark pair in tesco and was dead happy with them :)

  2. I didn't know Balmain done hair straighteners. I'm not sure if I would risk paying over £100 on another brand of straighten if my GHD's died. However having said that if a friend had a set of Balmain I could try I'd defiantly give them a go :) Great review and thanks for sharing xx

  3. I think my straightener is a Bobbi Brown. I would try something new but I do really love the one I have!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. love the idea of a straightner where you can change the temperature setting!not sure I could give up my beloved GHD's though :( x

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  6. Hey! I'm wondering, do you still use this straightener? Do you recommend it? I'm interested in buying this :)