The Confessions of a Mystery Shopper

I've got a different post this Sunday morning rather than my usual 'Outfits of the Week'. This week has been hectic and a bit out of the ordinary whilst I've been packing up my belongings and moving into my new flat. Some days I only wore pyjamas and others I was far too busy to even take a couple of pictures. So apologies but normal service will resume next week hopefully.

So in it's place I've got a very different post - The Confessions of a Mystery Shopper.
When Immediate PR (@ImmediatePR1) tweeted about their need for a mystery shopper that involved buying online I instantly tweeted my interest. Not only is mystery shopping a dream task - shopping but not actually paying for it!?- but as this was online it was perfect for me. Before moving into this flat in Edinburgh I was living in the far north of Scotland where delivery service can be rather questionable. So I was able to really test their delivery service.

The task was to purchase some Herbalife products to test their distribution and buying system. Herbalife wasn't a brand I'd ever heard of so I had no bias or previous influences. Herbalife is basically a weight-loss/healthy living brand which operates through distributors so rather than purchasing direct from their website you register your interest then are contacted with an Independent Distributor. 

I got started straight away and registered my interest online requesting a call back between 2-5pm. As I did this at about half 3 I knew it wouldn't be that afternoon but it did not indicate when it would be. The independent distributor that was assigned to me, Susan, phoned the next day at 2pm. It was a quick phone call to ask about my goals and aims. She was very friendly and arranged to phone me the following day to begin the process properly which she said would take 20minutes.

The next day came and Susan phoned in the time slot that I'd chosen. She began by asking me what my weight and height are in order to calculate my BMI. She then asked me to described all of my meals throughout the day. This was to identify what changes needed to be made to my diet and which Herbalife products would suit me best. She was very informative, using understandable language rather than nutritional jargon. She was also very friendly and relatable - linking my experiences to hers. This was all very helpful and made me believe the products she was suggesting were going to work for me. 

After making the recommendation she sent me a text with her bank details in order for me to transfer the money. I'd have preferred a paypal invoice or address but the transfer went smoothly and I was due to receive my order on the Thursday after paying on Monday.
As suspected my order didn't arrive on Thursday, but came on Friday morning by courier service. As I've said this is a standard problem with my location. If I'd have been given a tracking number I would have been able to track and see that my order would be late.

I have to commend Susan on her communication. She sent a quick text on Thursday to check if my order arrived. This was a convenient way for me to reply quickly rather than by phone or email. I let her know on Friday, by text, that the order had arrived and she asked if it was a suitable time for a call to discuss my next steps.

Susan checked that my box had everything I needed then requested that I measured my waist, hips and bust in order to track my progress. I text her my measurements as it is her responsibility as a 'coach' to track my progress. She also phoned after my second meal on my first day to check how I was coping. It's nice to have someone there to keep you on track but also give you advice and answer any questions you might have. The distribution and buying system doesn't just finish once you get your products.

My only problem with the whole process (other than delivery which wasn't the company's fault) is the delivery of a meal plan. I was told when I made the payment that I would be sent an email with a meal plan which would help me through the process. I hadn't received the email by Friday morning so let Susan know when she called. She told me I'd get it that night in time for me starting the plan on Monday. Unfortunately I didn't get it until Sunday night at 10.05 which left me very unprepared as I'd not bought a single thing in. As for the meal plan it was super vague. Throughout the plan it advices to have a protein snack and has 2 examples. I need a bit more advice to make the right choices so was a bit lost on my first day. As for the meal plan on a whole, I was probably expecting far too much because I wanted meal ideas rather than meal headings.

Have you ever tried any Herbalife products? Is their coaching after sales service something you would like or benefit from with your diet? 

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