Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask Review

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask 
£11 (100ml)

Whilst browsing Boots online I was drawn to this Deep Pore Detox Mask as it claims to get rid of blackheads. My skin isn't too bad but around my nose and chin I do tend to suffer from some and I hate pore strips. This seemed like a good thing to try out and I was intrigued by the Hot Pore Clear Technology.

Inside the box their is a strange wee pink sponge which at first I thought was a freebie thrown in to help with washing the dishes as it doesn't seem like the kind of sponge to be using with a face mask. But I actually like the sponge as it makes removing the mask really easy as you don't have to splash water everywhere (think face wash adverts?!) so removal of the face mask is all part of the relaxing experience.

This face mask only takes 5 minutes which is fantastic. I tend to think I don't have 15minutes to sit with a face mask on so don't bother using them. But this is quite to put on and quite to take off. The cream is quite thick and a very light blue colour. It's easy to apply and see where you've missed. Once on you wet your fingers and rub it in and it changes to a blue colour and the heating sensation begins. Don't expect your whole face to change to a bright blue colour though. The heat technology is strange but not painful or uncomfortable at all - in fact I really liked it. 

I've got quite sensitive skin but this didn't cause any problems and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. One application doesn't clear up all my blackheads but it sure did try.
I wouldn't recommend using this everyday nor the twice a week that the tube says. I've been using this once a week to once a fortnight for clearer, cleaner more radiant skin.

I really like this mask but it's a bit pricey compared to the little one use face masks you can get by Montagne Jeunesse - although the quality is better. This face mask is of the high quality expected from Soap and Glory. I'd recommend getting this during 3 for 2 offers in Boots but I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with blackheads or to those who fancy a pamper once in a while.
Have you used any other self heating masks? Or do you prefer the classic green mud style face masks?


  1. Great review hun, love that you actually show the product on your face :)

  2. Ooo this sounds interesting, I keep seeing reviews on Soap and Glory products that I've never noticed before and am making an ever growing wishlist! It sounds great and I'd love to try it xx

    1. I cannot wait until Christmas for that very reason. I definitely hope I get a few Soap and Glory gift sets to try out some more products, I've not disliked one yet! xx

  3. wow how cool :) it turns blue and there is heat!

  4. Ah I am def going to have to hunt this down on my next trip to boots.


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