Smooth Pinup Swirl and Vintage Curls - #RoughVSmooth

I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in Immediate PR's (@ImmediatePR1) most recent blogger competition. I chose to fight the Smooth side in the #roughVsmooth competition. This meant I was given some OSiS+ Refresh N' Shine spray, a dry conditioner which adds instant shine, and left to transform my hair into any style I wanted.

Smooth is my standard hair style - whether it's down and straight or up in a high bun - I like my hair to look sleek and in place. Rather than sticking within my comfort zone I've gone for a Pinup Swirl and Vintage Curls which I think is sleek and shows off my shine.

From This:

To This:

What I used:

(From Left to Right)
Babyliss curling wand, Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Refresh N' Shine spray*, Hairspray, Heat Protectant, Tangle Teezer and some kirby grips.

How To Achieve This Sleek, Vintage Look:

The very first thing I did was spray through my 'second day' hair with the OSiS Refresh N' Shine dry conditioner spray. This helped refresh my hair but left it shiny, smooth and still suitable for styling. 

Next I sectioned off a large square of hair at the middle of my hair. I measured a line from the arch of each of my eyebrows and stopped just before the crown of my head. This hair creates the pinup swirl.

After tying the rest of my hair out the way I began curling the hair with my Babyliss wand. I curled the hair in 4 sections before backcombing each section to add volume. I then brushed through the hair which smoothed out the texture and made the curls mould together. Then with the help of some hairspray I twisted my hair into place creating the swirl and pinned it in place.

Next I pulled the hair on my right back, tight to my head, and pinned it in place with a kirby grip at the back of my head. This keeps my hair smooth and helps all attention be drawn to the swirl.

Lastly I began curling the rest of my hair in preparation to achieve the sleek vintage curls. Once all my hair was curled in the same direction I sprayed more Refresh n' Shine spray onto my brush and began gently brushing through the curls. The Refresh n' Shine spray keeps the curls smooth and adds more shine. One last spray of hairspray to keep it in place and my SMOOTH hairstyle is complete!

What do you think? Have I achieved a smooth look worth winning the VIP Nicki Minaj tickets?
If you had to choose would you be Team Rough or Team Smooth? And what style would you create?

If you take part I'd love to see what look you created.


  1. cool 'do!

  2. The smooth look is really pretty but am a massive fan of the vintage curls and pin-up swirl. It really suits you. Sarah x

    1. Thank you but I'm not sure I pull it off that well. It's something I've never tried before :) x

  3. This hairstyle is wild! I could never pull this off (thank you small face) but it looks awesome on you! x

    1. Haha thanks! It's a bit out of my comfort zone but it was for a competition so I went a bit different x