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Primark Haul September 2012

It wasn't 24hours since moving into my new flat and I was already browsing the busy floors of Primark.  Edinburgh has a huge Primark with Women's clothing, accessories and shoes spanning 4 floors so it wasn't long before I had a basket full and I was heading for the tills. 
Having not shopped properly in 4 months I had a few things on my list and a few extras were thrown in too.

Lace Trim Vest Tops
£2.50 each

Leopard Print Umbrella


Studded Clutch (with detachable strap)

Bow Belt
Pink Dress with Bow
Victoria Sponge Scented Candle
Blush Pink Scarf with Bows
Studded, Suede-Like Material, Slipper Pumps
Studded Slipper Style Pumps

Have you bought anything amazing from Primark recently? If you've got a recent primark haul feel free to leave a link :)


  1. Love the lace trim vests & studded slippers! Will have to check Primark out at lunch time!!


    1. The annoying thing about the lace vests is how see-through they are :( Handy to have though x

  2. Love the studded slippers I haven't seen these!
    You gotta love good oul Primarni!!!

    1. My Primark has rows and rows and rows of them! :) Hopefully you'll be able to get a hold of a pair soon - they're super comfy xx

  3. I bought the suede shoes yesterday, they're so lovely! I wish I'd seen that bag, it is lovely x

  4. Super cute shoes! I bought some just like those this past week! xx