Online Shopping: Shellac Supplies, Diary and Fancy Dress

Everyone says it but there's something about shopping with Paypal that makes it feel like it's not real money. I had some money in my balance crying out to be spent after making a few sales on Ebay. I ended up spending most of it back on Ebay buying a few "essentials".

Shellac Colours
I got a gel nail kit a couple of Christmases ago and loved doing my nails but it always took so long and I didn't have much of a colour selection meaning I didn't use it that much. I suddenly decided that I wanted to try out Shellac Nails which is basically just a brand of gel nails which apply like a polish. Ebay had the best prices so it made sense to get them from there. The 'real' CND Shellac brand is £15 a bottle on Ebay but I chose a cheaper alternative of Bluesky. Each bottle cost less than £6.
I started out just buying Hot Chillis (a hot pink), Zillionaire (a glitter polish) and the base and top coats but since trying it out I've bought Fedora (a dark plum) Negligee and Cream puff (for French manicures.) The sellers I used were this one and this one. Both had super quick delivery and no problems at all.

Leopard Print Ears
This is one of the essentials that really isn't and is completely random. My friend Katrina is having a cat themed fancy dress night out for her 21st because her nickname used to be Kat. I've gone for the leopard print option as I've got a leopard print dress already so I just needed ears to complete the look. These were cheap but are quite cheap quality as a result. Nonetheless they'll do the job.

I tried to get a new academic diary from a shop in town but failed miserably. I got this diary from Amazon for £6 instead of £7.50. It's a nice, quite simple, design and should hopefully keep me organised. There is quite a good amount of space for each day in the week per page layout.


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