Montagne Jeunesse Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Face Mask Review

When I first saw the Montagne Jeunesse facemasks memories of girly sleepovers when I was 9 or 10 came flooding back. I remember buying different green and pink face masks from the chemist putting them on while chatting about boys.

It’s been years since I’ve used a facemask like that, 3 to be exact. We bought them during freshers week to kick start our “detox” but ended up cracking open a bottle of wine whilst wearing our masks and making Tom and Jerry cupcakes.

Montagne Jeunesse sent me two of their new mud face masks to try out* and I was quite looking forward to seeing how these differed from the strawberry scented ones I remember as a child.

Obviously these face mask sachets can only be used once so I had to take the pictures of them before I tried them and covered them in the product in the process.
But these are a lot different from the average face masks and I didn't actually make a mess at all because the mask is folded up material rather than a liquid . So after cleansing, you unfold the material and position it on your face. (insert extremely scary looking photo of me wearing the mask to explain ;) )

I had mixed feelings about using this as the mask was quite big so didn't fit on my face perfectly but it was easy enough to move about. It's also a bit hard to do anything else whilst you're wearing the mask as it feels like the mask might slip off your face. But that gives you a good excuse to lie back and chill for the full 15 minutes. 

The good thing about this style of mask as less product reaches your face it doesn't dry and crack the same way as a regular mask making it more comfortable as the time ticks past.

One thing to be wary of is how close the mask is to your eyes. The mask smells nice but is quite strong and it made my eyes sting slightly and water as the mask was positioned too close.

Overall I enjoyed chilling for 15minutes with the mask on and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and not at all irritated or sore. I always worry that face masks are going to leave my sensitive skin sore and splotchy but Montagne Jeunesse products are made from natural ingredients and paraben-free so quite skin friendly (as well as being animal friendly - they're vegetarian-approved and support animal protection)

I’m really impressed by the price of these masks. I think face masks cost about £1 over 10 years ago and the Montagne Jeunesse Mud Masks retail at £1.49 now and are available in Boots, online at and will be in ASDA in September.


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