Fragrance Direct Haul - £1.99 Essie

'Essie for only £1.99' has been all over blogs and on twitter recently and the secret lies within I managed to resist the urge and bought two Essie polishes but not for me, as a present for a friend. 

However, it would be rude to place an order on Fragrance Direct and not take advantage of their cheap prices and amazing deals on makeup. I spent almost an hour browsing and picking out some goodies for myself. They needed some company in the box that was going to travel across the UK and land on my doorstep... okay?!

I was well restrained and picked up only a few things and saved over £40 by buying them from Fragrance Direct rather than online.

Saving £8.50

Saving £5.54
I'm a massive fan of Revlon ColourStay foundation and decided any saving on this foundation would be a good purchase. I think this may be a bit too dark for me but I'll make it work, somehow. As for the mineral foundation, I've never heard of this ever. It's either discontinued or rubbish. If it's anything like the liquid foundation I'll love it and a saving of £8.50 seemed like a good wee bargain.

£1.99 Each
Saving £6 each

As I said, unfortunately these aren't for me. I chose Chubby Cheeks because it looked like a colour that would suit the intended recipient. Oh and because of the name. As for Ballet Slippers I had to buy one of the most popular Blogger nail polishes whilst taking part in a Blogger shopping craze.

Save £6.51
I can't fib, this was an impulse purchase. I had no reason to buy this but I still did. I've heard of Jemma Kidd products a few times but never this concealer. I don't need another concealer but for £2.99 it was worth a shot.

Saving £2.99

When I started browsing the site I knew I wanted to get a toner to use after my Purity Organic Cleanser (review here). The didn't have a huge selection but this one sounded like a good one to try and was cheap as chips.

Saving £4.99
This mascara was a repurchase which I was quite chuffed with. I didn't have many complaints with this mascara when I used it before and even less after getting it for £5 off. 

Have you bought the famous Essie polishes from Fragrance Direct? Or anything else for that matter? If you could choose one product that Fragrance Direct could sell with a huge saving what would you pick?

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  1. Hi Jenna,

    Just found your blog through bloghop,

    Im really interested to know what the Bourjois toner is like? Bourjois' products alway look fab but I once had an allergic reaction to their eyeliner and have been a bit weary of using their products since.

    Following you now on gfc :)

    Lockie & Lulu