Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review

The Cloud Nine Micro Irons heat up quite quickly to 180 degrees which is good for straightening hair without frying it too much, but obviously still needs heat protectant. Unfortunately there is no indicator to let you know when the irons are fully heated so it’s a bit of a guessing game.

The irons are a good size for travelling or day-to-day, the fit easily in a handbag and come with a little pouch which is handy to protect them and stop the cable getting tangled up in anything.

For their size they’re really impressive. I divide my hair up into small sections and run the straightener over a couple of times. This isn’t very practical for everyday but definitely worth it for saving space and still having sleek straight hair whilst travelling.

I’d really like to try the bigger irons. These work really well but just don’t suit my long, thick hair for everyday styling. I'd recommend these to someone with short hair or thin hair as they'd be the perfect size and heat.

Lastly I’d like to mention Cloud Nine’s customer service, which I was very impressed by. Unfortunately the first set of irons were faulty but a quick email to Cloud 9 was all that was necessary. A free postbag was sent out and a new pair was delivered within the week. This can’t be said for all brands!

Have you tried any Cloud Nine tools? How do you think they compare to other straighteners?

* I did not purchase these, they were won in a blog competition.

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