17 Peep Show Mascara Review

If ever there was an impulse mascara buy, this was one. I bought this in Boots when it first came out for three different reasons:

The gorgeous girly packaging
The cheap price (it was only about £4 on intro offer)
The free eyeshadow palette with purchase.

At the time I didn't use the mascara straight away because I already had a few open and didn't really need a new one, making it an extreme impulse purchase - but one I'm so glad I made.

This mascara claims to have a fibre rich formulation which lengthens lashes from root to top. I think the photos below prove these claims true.  The wand isn't fancy, it's just a basic bristle wand. No strange or interesting shape or size. This is what makes it easy to apply. Although it does dry quite quickly so all the layers of mascara have to be applied within a short space of time.  

Although it's not as voluminous as other mascaras it leaves me with clump free, dark, long curled lashes. I don't have to worry about my mascara smudging and falling throughout the day or my lashes falling straight. Perfect everyday mascara!

Have you tried Peep Show mascara before? What's your favourite mascara?


  1. Great review! This mascara sounds lovely :)

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  2. Love the packaging, I wish we could get that over here :(
    Following from the BBU Blog Hop!

    1. It's lovely and girly. Thank you Honey, I'll be over to check out your blog :) x